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Summer Bucket List 2016

I’ve been 100% terrible about writing things down lately so I thought I’d start with a summer bucket list. I made one a couple years ago, to great success, but with a long vacation smack in the middle of July … Continue reading

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Weekly Roundup: May 1st, 2015

Well, hello. It’s been a few weeks, I know. I really have no excuse other than gross laziness. Though, I have been working a great deal on the book I’ve been writing for the past several years so… that’s good. … Continue reading

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2014/2015 Winter Bucket List

Making lists of all the things I want to do in every season is working out pretty well. It’s forced me to get off my butt, stop watching TV, and get out and do all the things I’ve always said … Continue reading

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2014 Autumn Bucket List

Because my Summer Bucket List turned out so incredibly well (and I will post about all the amazing things I did, I swear; as well as my promised Cleveland Ice Cream Guide) I decided to continue the practice for at least … Continue reading

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2014 Summer Bucket List

Coming off a horrifyingly awful winter, I have never been more determined to make the most of the best season Cleveland has to offer. So, to propel me into getting off my ass and doing stuff I decided to go … Continue reading

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Drawn That Way: My Favorite Animated Outfits

I’ve been watching a lot of Disney movies lately. Half because I’ve been babysitting a lot and half because I almost forgot how much I loved them when I was little. And I started thinking how incredibly awesome their clothes … Continue reading

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2012 in Pictures

January Last year started out a little slow. Looking at my calendar  which is meticulously color coded and detailed, I couldn’t find much that really stood out. I think this is probably blow back from my declaration last year that I … Continue reading

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