C’est moi.

I’m pretty sure that there is nothing more pathetic than eating fast food alone in the car, so it seemed a perfect metaphor for my so-called life (…and I just got the title of that television show right now, you realize something new everyday. Which is sort of my philosophy anyway). I live in Cleveland, Ohio. I have a crappy temporary job with one of those fascist huge corporations that love to torture their peons. I live with my mother. I have a cat called Pyewacket:

I like to travel. I love films and books and I watch FAR too much television. I think foreign films are inherently better than American films (especially French). I will watch any horror movie that comes out even if I know it will be crap. I like British things. I want to live in France. I went to a camp called Fleur-de-Lis for fifteen years of my life. I’m addicted to Vitamin Water, Doritos, and very little else, which I think is a decent accomplishment in this day and age. I think Modern Times by Charlie Chaplin is the funniest film ever made, and Duck Soup might take second place. Every time I watch the movie Casablanca I find something else to be moved by. I am terrified of ET. I want to believe in supernatural things but it’s not logical enough. I like comic books, particularly the Buffy ones. I am a complete nerd. Sometimes I wish I smoked so that I could have one of those scenes where I pull out a cigarette and some dude materializes to light it. I like zombies and robots. Sometimes I wish I was a ninja even though I’m totally a pirate. I like the BBC. I like giant, crumbling, industrial things. I love ore boats. I like juxtaposition like when old churches are next to gas stations. I like words that are either long and twisting or have the perfect ratio of round to sharp letters (like Preakness). I like to sail, but I don’t have a boat. I wish I had a boat. I hope I always live near water. I’m nostalgic for times and places when and where I never lived. Despite all this; I’m still pretty awesome.

3 Responses to C’est moi.

  1. Mei says:

    Hey Miss!
    I’m starting a new feature on my blog, reading a book and discussing it as we go. It’s called “Read and Play with Mei” because I’m lame…. LOL Anyway, if you find the book interesting, I’d love to have you discuss with me (because you have a great point of view).
    Let me know if you think you might be interested, or watch and see if it gets off the ground. One never knows. 🙂

  2. Jennifer says:

    Just stumbled upon your blog, and I love what I’ve read so far. It is always nice to meet awesome people- be it on the web or otherwise! I also eat fast food, alone in my car and I am a huge nerd- although I’m more of a Keaton fan myself 🙂 Look foward to reading more

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