2014/2015 Winter Bucket List

Making lists of all the things I want to do in every season is working out pretty well. It’s forced me to get off my butt, stop watching TV, and get out and do all the things I’ve always said I would do. There were two things that didn’t get done from the Autumn List, the Cultural Gardens and the Kent State Museum, the former due to the sudden early onset of Winter and the latter to time constraints. The good news is that one gets bumped one season and the other gets new life on my as yet unmade Spring List!

Winter is one of those months were it can be very difficult to force yourself into doing things. It’s cold, so going outside at all is a chore, and snow often makes mobility a concern. Still, there are plenty of things to do in the winter and here’s a list to make them happen.

Tobogganing at the Chalet Metroparks


 Flying down a seven hundred foot ice chute at speeds of up to fifty miles per hour? Yes please! The bestie and I have been saying we want to do this for years. It’s written down now so it’s finally happening. 

Ice Skating at Wade Oval

wade oval ice

Another thing I’ve been saying I should do for ages. Every year Wade Oval sets up an ice rink in the circle surrounded by Cleveland’s museums and for a very reasonable price you can rent some skates and swing around the ice to your heart’s content. 

Go Sledding

Plenty of hills around and they sell sleds (which I long abandoned to my youth) at Five Below. There’s so much fun to be had in acting like a kid. 

Go to the Christmas Story House

christmas story house

So, that Christmas classic, A Christmas Story, was filmed in Cleveland. A fact that anyone who has ever been to Cleveland knows. We just love that that movie was filmed here (though it takes place in Indiana), particularly in Tremont where you can nary walk five steps without seeing the famous leg lamp that graced the front window of the family in that film (you can see one in the window of the house above). The house that was used for the filming has been turned into a museum that people can tour. I have never been and it seems like the sort of ridiculous and festive thing I should get into. This is the year. 

See the exhibit In Grand Style at the Western Reserve Historical Society

in grand style

Ah, the Western Reserve Historical Society. One of my favorite places. The Chisholm Halle Costume Wing always has something impressive, but I was pretty ridiculously excited when I heard that their next exhibit was going to be clothing from the 1870s through the 1930s, which encompasses both my favorite and my second favorite period of time. Also, when Cleveland was in its heyday and Euclid Avenue was otherwise known as Millionaire’s Row. Their exhibits are always great but this one promises to be top notch. 

Lantern Tour at Hale Farm and Village

hale farm lantern

Hale Farm and Village is a historical farm and a village constructed of historical homes placed around a square in Bath, Ohio about an hour away. A trip there is always a good time; earlier this year I went to their Civil War battle reenactment and toured the farm and village on two separate occasions in the summer. For the holidays they do lantern tours. I’m not one hundred percent sure what it will encompass, but I’m pretty excited to find out.

See David Bowie Is at the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art

david bowie is

Full disclosure; I have already done this but included it because it was on the list before the list made it online. This exhibit was pretty incredible. The sort of exhibit you travel to other cities for. There were costumes, lyrics, artifacts, and lots and lots of music. With a audio component that changed as you moved around the room it was definitely the full Bowie experience. I would recommend anyone seeing this. There’s not much more time that it will be in Chicago but if you’re there, see it. 

Go to the Dittrick Museum of Medical History

dittrick museum

When I was younger we had this Health Museum. I loved the Health Museum. I went there all the time with my family and at least once with school. I remember one time going into another room that wasn’t usually open, or at least that I had never been in before, and it was filled with the coolest old timey medical stuff. I can’t be sure, but I would be willing to bet that when the Health Museum closed some of that cool old timey medical stuff ended up at the Dittrick Museum of Medical History at Case Western Reserve University. I follow them on Instagram and it definitely looks like it’s worth a visit. The fact that it’s free is a huge plus. 

See the exhibit The Great War: Women and Fashion in a World at War at the Kent State University Museum

great war

I didn’t make it here in the fall, so I am going in the winter. It’s happening. 

Complete the Hot Cocoa Tour


It was ice cream in the summer and coffee in the fall, now it’s hot cocoa. We tried and tried to come up with something to do in the Winter and then Scene published this article. Thanks Scene!

Deck the Hall at Stan Hywet Hall


Stan Hywet Hall is one of my favorite places. The estate of F.A. Seiberling of Goodyear tires, Stan Hywet (Welsh for Stone Quarry) opened in 1915 and is a beautiful example of a preserved Gilded Age mansion. I have been there a lot of times. Over the summer I went on their Nooks and Crannies Tour. Last year I also went to Deck the Hall, their annual Christmas celebration, but it’s always beautiful and always a good time so this year it’s also on the list. 


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