2014 Autumn Bucket List

Because my Summer Bucket List turned out so incredibly well (and I will post about all the amazing things I did, I swear; as well as my promised Cleveland Ice Cream Guide) I decided to continue the practice for at least a year. Summer, Autumn, Winter, and Spring. Having a list of things to do over the summer (all of which I completed by the way) truly made me get out and do things while the weather was nice. Cleveland really shines in the summer, when the lake glimmers and festivals pop up every which way, but there is a lot to love about this little overlooked city in other months too. So here it is; a smaller list of everything I am going to do this fall.

– Eat a delicious apple fritter the size of my head and pick a few apples at Patterson Fruit Farm.


There are plenty of fruit farms scattered around the country but non quite so beloved to me as Patterson’s. A Cleveland area institution this Chesterland farm is just far enough into the country to feel like another world without being an excessive drive. Plus you can’t beat the aforementioned apple fritter (I have never had one better) and their amazing Dutch apple pie. Their nearby orchards are perfect for picking. 

– Complete the as yet untitled Cleveland Coffee Tour. 

After the Cool as Ice (Cream) Tour ended all three of us Shillelagh’s were pretty sad about it and decided we needed to come up with something else to do during the fall. Coffee was the logical choice. So we came up with a list and when we’re done I’ll tell you all about it. 

– See the exhibit The Great War: Women and Fashion in a World at War at the Kent State University Museum. 

great war

I wasn’t aware that there was a Kent State University Museum, but when I saw an advertisement for this particular exhibit I knew that I needed to make a visit. I love old fashioned clothes and I love the early twentieth century so this is sort of a no brainer. 

– Go to one other museum in the surrounding area that I have never been to. 

I know they exist, but I never go to them. There are plenty to choose from.

– Go on my yearly trip to the Berkshires with bonus Hudson Valley. 


Usually around this time I am getting ready to go to the Fall Family Festival, a mini-reunion, at camp. And on the way I stop in western Massachusetts to check out some of the gorgeous views but mostly to visit some of the grand old mansions that were built in the area and are now open to tour. But since this year was the full blown reunion and I’m not going to camp my mom decided to accompany me. Two days in Berkshire County and then down the Hudson Valley to check out some of those houses as well. Some of them I have already seen, but I am always happy to see them again, and some I haven’t. There’s nothing better than small idyllic towns in the fall. 

– Go to Ingenuity Fest and the Voix de Ville Tent’s Boffo Show. 

voix de ville

Ingenuity Fest is one of those things that just keeps getting better. It was always a great idea, a celebration of art and technology in generally unused Cleveland spaces, but it wasn’t until last year that I thought it’s potential was starting to be realized. Now located in two warehouses at the Port of Cleveland, right on the water, there is more art, performance, discussion, and technological advances than you can shake a stick at. And last year the experience was only enhanced by by the introduction of the Voix de Ville Tent. Run by my favorites, Pinch and Squeal, a vaudeville duo known for songs on accordion and banjolele, terrible magic tricks, and more than a few laughs, the Voix de Ville tent showcases music, curiosities, magic, and cabaret. Sounds like my kind of night.

– Take a walk on the Blue Ridge Parkway when the Shillelagh’s take their yearly sojourn to Virgnia.


Every year the other Shillelaghs and I go to K’s family’s property in Virginia. This year all three of us are attempted to get a little more fit and so we thought a walk would be in order. There are some gorgeous trails along the Blue Ridge Parkway, naturally, so that seems like the best place to go, especially since we drive up there to gaze at the views every year anyway. 

– Read Turn of the Screw by Henry James and at least one of Edith Wharton’s ghost stories. 

turn of the screw

I’ve been meaning to read both of these things for ages and since it’s the Halloween season and putting reading goals on my Summer Bucket List worked pretty well I am doing it again. Plans to see Edith Wharton’s mansion, The Mount, in Lenox, Massachusetts probably will help.

– Explore the Cleveland Cultural Gardens

cultural gardens

Located in Rockefeller Park along Martin Luther King Drive Cleveland has a series of gorgeous cultural gardens. I have driven through them many many many times, but I have never gotten out of the car to explore them. Of course, this probably has something to do with the fact that there’s not really any parking around the area and that it will probably be kind of a hike to get to, not to mention the chain of them is a bit of a walk too. But, it’s definitely time for me to give these gardens a look and now’s the right time when it’s still crisp and warm enough to spend some time outside. 

– Go on a hayride. 

When I was little my mom and her friends always organized a big hayride. We would picnic and take a ride and this was one of the funnest things that I remember from my childhood. I’ve wanted to do another one for a long time but I don’t have a group of friends big enough. But this year I found hayrides that you can join at the Chalet Metroparks. Sounds good to me!

– See a play. 

I used to see live theatre all the time but in recent year I have tappered this a bit. Mostly for financial reasons. But that needs to change because there is nothing better than seeing a play. There are quite a few that I want to see coming up and there are always ways of finding cheap tickets so onto the list it goes. 

– Go on walks!



As I said earlier, in attempts to get a little more fit I am trying to go walking a lot more. There are plenty of places in the area that would be perfect for some gorgeous walks and I’m including three of them on my list. 

1) The Shaker Lakes

Probably Lower Lake as it was always the lake I went to in my youth, but Horseshoe is lovely as well (I might even do both). Here in the Heights we’re pretty lucky that those crazy ass Shakers decided to dam Doan brook to power their mills and in the process carved out a few lakes, cause they sure are beautiful. The Nature Center is located in the marsh between the two aforementioned lakes, which also include Marshall and Green Lake. 

2) The Cleveland Metroparks

There are so many to choose from in our emerald necklace! And plenty of trails. I mentioned in my Summer Bucket List that I wanted to take a picnic in one of them but this time I want to get out and explore the surrounding woodlands. 

3) Cuyahoga National Park

How lucky am I to live as close as I do to a National Park? Sadly, I haven’t spent much time exploring it. Oh, I have been to Hale Farm and Village, located in the park, and I have traveled on the railway that cuts through, listened to tales of the petitions that made the park, but I have never walked in it. This needs to be remedied. I would also like to make Brandywine Falls a stop. 


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