Fleur-de-Lis Camp 85th Reunion and Three Shillelaghs: Cape Crusaders



This year was my camp’s 85th anniversary, so as we are apt to do a good portion of alumni gathered together to celebrate all things Fleur-de-Lis. This was one of my summer bucket list things to do. I’ve always had a difficult time explaining how important camp is to me to non-camp people, so we can just leave that at that. However, we did have a very splendid time over the weekend. We had regular camp activities we could participate in, like archery, swimming, sailing, and riflery (though I couldn’t actually participate since I was volunteering and in the store the majority of the afternoon). We had a regular camp meal with the campers, we took down the Fleur-de-Lis and American flag at the end of the day, and then to cap the night off we had a party in town at the Fitzwilliam Inn. The next morning we had a nice brunch, a service where everyone and anyone could read or sing about camp, and then capped off the day with the silent auction and raffle. I swam in the lake three times, won a piece of stained glass made at camp, and wished I could stay the whole summer.

But then, of course, there was vacation. My camp is in New Hampshire, about a ten hour drive from home so it’s a little bit of a drive for one night. So, I always pair my camp visits with a little vacation and this year K and J decided they would join me. We headed south towards the beaches of Cape Cod and Islands.


I’d been to Nantucket before a few times (and love it immensely) but I had never been to Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket’s neighboring island. K had spent some time there as a child, due to the fact that her uncle lives there, so we were on our way.

We had a wonderful host in K’s Uncle Ned who fed us delicious food, gave us a place to stay, and steered us towards some great things to do. We went to the beach both days, saw some awesome cliffs, and danced on the porch. It was a great time.


(Gay Head Clay Cliffs [Okay, so there is some debate on the name here. The town has since changed back to it’s original name of Aquinnah from the, um… suggestive sounding Gay Head. Online the cliffs are alternately called Gay Head Clay Cliff or Aquinnah Clay Cliff. However, the sign at the actual clay cliffs said Gay Head so I am sticking with Gay Head. Get over it.])


(Gay Head Light [same issue] is the number 11 most endangered historical location. It needs to be moved before it falls into the ocean.)


(Menemsha has a pleasant beach and an adorable little fishing village lined with lobster and clam shacks.)


(I had some fried clams at The Bite.)

IMG_20140714_113109It rained on the day we left (so this is from when we came in on the ferry) but we were still sad to leave on the ferry back to Woods Hole where we were all set to drive to Provincetown out on the Cape.


Where women are the minority and they love their bears. The first day it was raining and a little bit miserable since we were camping. There wasn’t much to do and we ended up reading in the car for a rather long time. But the second day was gorgeous and we spent practically the whole time at Herring Point Beach.


I ate three lobster rolls, which was also on my bucket list.


(This is from Spanky’s Clam Shack in Hyannis Port, which we had before we went to the Vineyard. It was probably in the top three lobster rolls I’ve ever had. Yum.)


The final night we ate at Pepe’s Wharf, which was fine as far as food goes and aces as far as view go.

A great trip was had by all. Too many laughs, too many instagrammed pictures, and too many bottles of Seltzer later and it felt like we were gone for a month when it was only a week. A good way for a vacation to go.


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