Winter Mix

Winter can be a real bitch of a time. Especially if you live in a northern state on a Great Lake. We have a habit of getting piled under snow. I meant to have this mix up and ready by the end of December, but between Christmas and events that I will talk about later, I just wasn’t up to it. So now it’s part way through January and I am just giving you, my many many fans (I’m sure), some music to get you through the Grays (the time after Christmas until Spring). I couldn’t quite keep my music down to one CD, much like last time I guess, so it’s a double. The second significantly more poppy than the first. But I often need a little lift during the Grays so some mindless pop tunes are often on my menu for pretending it’s summer.

Feel free to download here and here.


Disc One:

1. Everythings Illuminated! – Nerina Pallot

2. This Lonely Morning – Best Coast

3. Hemiplegia – HAERTS

4. Now I See – Tessa Rose Jackson

5. Forever – FMLYBND

6. Rolling Waves – The Naked and Famous

7. You Might Think – Weezer

8. Cool Kids – Echosmith

9. The One That Got Away – The Civil Wars

10. Reflektor – Arcade Fire

11. Buzzcut Season – Lorde

12. White Coats – Foxes

13. We Won’t Go Home – The Colourist

14. Great Day – The Sounds

15. Don’t Save Me – Haim

16. Before the Light Takes Us – Darkness Falls

17. Sweeter Than Fiction – Taylor Swift

18. Big When I Was Little – Eliza Doolittle

19. Heaven Knows – The Pretty Reckless

20. Run – Delta Rae

21. Hits… A Musical Portrait – Bonnie McKee

Disco Two: 

1. 24 Hours – Sky Ferreira

2. Boys Don’t Cry – Natalia Kills

3. Sugarcane – Sleigh Bells

4. SuperLove – Charli XCX

5. Sweet Nothing – Calvin Harris feat. Florence Welch

6. Under Control – Ellie Goulding

7. On Our Way – The Royal Concept

8. Sleepwalker – Bonnie McKee

9. 17 – Avril Lavigne

10. Lolita – The Veronicas

11. Cannonball – Lea Michele

12. Alone – Kelly Clarkson

13. This is How We Do – Katy Perry

14. Thunder – Jessie J

15. Lost Kitten – Metric

16. Hard Out Here – Lily Allen

17. E.V.O.L – Marina and the Diamonds

18. Perfume – Britney Spears 

19. Still Into You – Paramore

20. Mary Jane Holland – Lady Gaga

21. Sweet – Annie


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