Summer Mix


Well, here’s my summer mix. The first volume was so late that I just decided to lump it in with volume II. Both are available for download just click on the Volume. Pop music is always prevalent in my mixes but no more so than in the summer. So be warned. I mean, there’s a One Direction song. Basically because I took my little sisters to their concert and realized that I was just being one of those  grumpy old folks who like to complain about the music of today. So roll down your windows (or keep them up because you’re as embarrassed as I am to be blasting Avril Lavigne) pump up the volume and ease out the rest of the summer before it starts to get cold and we have to start listening to serious music again.


Volume I

1. Demon Kitty Rag – Katzenjammer

2. Hypocrates – Marina & the Diamonds

3. Wildest Moments – Jessie Ware

4. Here’s to Never Growing Up – Avril Lavigne

5. Come & Get It – Selena Gomez

6. Change – Churchill

7. Brave – Sarah Bareilles

8. Where the Wind Blows – Coco O.

9. Unbelievers – Vampire Weekend

10. All for You – Little Boots

11. Lock You Up – Charli XCX

12. The Devil Within – Digital Daggers

13. Recover – Chvrches

14. Fantasy – MS MR

15. Sight of the Sun – fun.

16. Just Desserts – Marina & the Diamonds and Charli XCX

17. We Can’t Stop – Miley Cyrus

18. Heart Attack – Demo Lovato

19. Brilliant Broke and Beautiful – Charlotte Sometimes

20. Kill and Run – Sia

21. Waves – Blondfire

Volume II

1. Cups (When I’m Gone) – Anna Kendrick

2. Tennis Court – Lorde

3. To the Sea – Katzenjammer

4. Tie It Up – Kelly Clarkson

5. Ooh La La – Britney Spears

6. Crazy Kids – Ke$ha

7. Out of My Head – Digital Daggers

8. The Mother We Share – Chvrches

9. You, My Everything – Ellie Goulding

10. All Night – Icona Pop

11. American Girl – Bonnie McKee

12. Sweetie – Carly Rae Jepsen

13. Rock You – One Direction

14. Change Your Life – Little Mix

15. Rock N Roll – Avril Lavigne

16. Queen of Disaster – Lana del Rey

17. You’ve Got Time – Regina Spektor

18. Tube Stops and Lonely Hearts – Annie

19. Careless and Free – Ultraviolet Sound

20. Wear Me Out – Skylar Grey

21. American Wife – Rilo Kiley

22. No Light, No Light – Florence and the Machine


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