Drawn That Way: My Favorite Animated Outfits

I’ve been watching a lot of Disney movies lately. Half because I’ve been babysitting a lot and half because I almost forgot how much I loved them when I was little. And I started thinking how incredibly awesome their clothes are. Despite a tendency to wear the same thing everyday animated characters aren’t quite limited by our very human inability to look awesome in the most bizarre of ensembles. That doesn’t mean I didn’t spend an awful lot of time when I was younger imagining myself in quite a few of them. I thought I’d collect a few. In no particular order.

Snow White’s Rags (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs)

snow's rags

A lot of attention is given to Snow’s classic outfit; yellow skirt, blue and red top, but it was always this one that I liked better. Perhaps because it’s not as flashy. Or tacky, to be honest. Sure the skirt is pretty much falling apart and wouldn’t be out of place on Eponine on Broadway, but I would totally wear this outfit. It’s perfect for scrubbing the steps and singing.

Belle’s Pink Dress and Fur Lined Cape (Beauty and the Beast)

belle's hood

I’m gonna be real here, Belle is probably the best dressed of the Disney Princesses. Probably of all the Disney females. She actually changes her outfit several times, makes a simple blue shift look good, while being utilitarianism, and can rock yellow like no one else. But it’s this outfit that wins in her multiple wardrobe changes. The pink dress is cute; three different shades of pink, impressive, and I like the sleeves. But look at that cape thing. If I had that thing I wouldn’t wear anything else. You’d find me sitting on the beach in the summer wearing that cape. She only wears it for about one minute, but it’s a good minute. Beauty and the Beast is the only Disney movie I can think of that involves snow and as a result Belle is one of the only Disney characters that wears weather appropriate clothing (though I can’t say the same for Maurice who busts into the snowy wilds with what amounts of a shawl). She wears another hooded cape with her green dress (more on that later) but this one is the one clearly trumps all.

Bianca’s Coat and Hat (The Rescuers)

bianca rescuers

If The Rescuers proved one thing it was that even mice can be fashionable. Especially when voiced by Eva Gabor. Miss Bianca usually wears a pink hat and pink sort of shawl thing, which is cool and everything, but it was always this brown ensemble that she wore at the beginning of The Rescuers that got my vote. First of, I love the coat, which is very sixties chic, and the brown is much more accessible. She gets extra points for the atomizer.

Briar Rose’s Outfit (Sleeping Beauty)

sleeping beauty

Words really don’t get into how much I love this outfit. In fact, last year when I was attempting to throw together an ensemble for the Great Lakes Medieval Faire this was my inspiration. The calf length skirt, the collared three quarter length top, the corset styled overlay. Plus she has the totally rocking black headband, very Gwen Stacey, and the matching wrap. And, of course, the habit of walking around bare foot, which you can only get away with when you have such tiny feet. It’s the perfect dress for cavorting in the woods with your feathered and furry friends. The style was repeated again for both Princess Eilonwy in The Black Cauldron and Ariel’s Touring the Kingdom Outfit in The Little Mermaid, but never quite as well.

Vanessa’s Wedding Dress (The Little Mermaid)

vanessa's wedding dress

At the end of The Little Mermaid Ariel gets everything she’s ever dreamed of; legs and the guy. We leave our former mermaid at her wedding to the remarkably down to earth for a royal Prince Eric. But… I always hated her wedding dress. The puffed sleeves are almost bigger than her head, and when you’re a Disney character that’s saying something. And while Anne Shirley might appreciate the look, I never did. Instead it was Vanessa’s dress that I coveted. Actually I loved her whole look. I mean, sure she’s really an evil old octopus woman, but this disguise was pretty hot. Her tilted cat’s eyes, her dark sumptuous hair. I actually love every outfit she wears, but in comparison terms it’s her wedding dress all over. Small puffs at her shoulder, long sleeves, split skirt, ridiculously long veil. In my head this was always my wedding dress. Yep.

Belle’s Green Dress (Beauty and the Beast)

belle's green dress

Best dressed. Seriously. Belle’s green dress is another wardrobe change that get all of a minute of screen time. It’s simple and a lot like plenty of other Disney outfits but as I was perusing through the many outfits in the many movies I realized it was really this dress that I enjoyed more than any others like it; Drusilla and Anastasia’s outfits come to mind (though Belle’s is admittedly without the badass bustles Cinderella’s stepsisters sport). Its something about the soft moss greens in this one, I think. Or, you know, it could just be because it was the outfit she was wearing when she was given the best library in the world.

Anya’s Imagined Dancing in the Winter Palace Gown (Anastasia)


This dress was the reason I couldn’t name this post My Favorite Disney Outfits, I couldn’t not include this. This dress makes it’s appearance after our heroine, amnesiac orphan Anya, breaks into the closed up Winter Palace in St. Petersburg in search of a con man, starts to have sort of flashbacks that involve dancing with the dead Czar, and still has no inkling she might be the lost Grand Duchess everyone just did a musical number about. Anya does have some good costume changes, her gold gown towards the end is a more Imperial version of this really, but this dress gets my vote. I love the gossamer sleeves, the sparkle in the skirt, the ponytail, the crown, and the completely confused look in her eyes. It’s really the sort of dress that can only be conjured up, so it makes sense that in the film it only exists in a daydream.

Mrs. Darling’s Going Out Dress (Peter Pan)

mrs darlings dress

In a movie full of children it’s understandable there aren’t that many awesome outfits. I mean, Tinkerbell’s tiny green dress is pretty cool too, but no human being could get away with that. Mrs. Darling hardly appears in Peter Pan but I always used to wait for her two brief moments. I loved her dress. The pink, the froofy collar, the puffed capped sleeves, the belt. This outfit probably falls into that late Victorian/early Edwardian place where Darling and Jim Dear live in Lady and the Tramp. It’s a little generic and simple but sometimes that can go a long way. Wendy agrees.

Ariel’s Pink Dress (The Little Mermaid)

ariel pink

This dress has sort of become Ariel’s go to human outfit in the Disney Princesses line, so I agree it’s a little played out, but when I was young I loved this ensemble. I was always a fan of those split sleeves and they do just enough here to jazz up the top part of the dress, while the draped pink skirt over cream does the same for the bottom. Small details that make this simple dress regal and fitting for the mute guest of a royal.

The Bimbette’s Matching Everyday Outfits (Beauty and the Beast)


One of the things I never understood about this movie was why Gaston wasn’t satisfied with one of the Bimbettes. They’re obviously on his same level of intellect and frame of mind. They’d probably be happy to raise his six or seven kids and massage his feet while his latest kill roasts over the fire. Sure, Belle’s beauty is famed, but even his trusty sidekick, LaFou, thinks Gaston’s selection of that weirdo who likes to read is a tad strange. And the Bimbettes are hot. Probably as hot as Belle, in a completely different way, of course. Their boobs are certainly bigger and they’re pretty happy to wear much more revealing clothing. And that clothing is pretty rad. Everything’s color coordinated, with lighter colored aprons in a pointed end. Even the bows in their hair match. They’re country girls, through and through, but that doesn’t mean they can do it in style.


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  1. Finally a fashion blog I can relate to. ^.^

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