A Daylight Savings Mix

Something happened since my job moved from five minutes to a half hour away from my house; I stopped taking long meandering drives and started getting very sick of all my music. Some seasons, like autumn or spring, speed by. Other creep with the speed of a turtle nearing death. Like winter. I saw a joke once that said there are four seasons in Ohio; Winter, more Winter, even more Winter, and construction. The truth to that is dubious (although any Ohioan would be hard pressed to not get it), but what is certain is that when you live in a city next to a giant lake you’re in for some very grey winters. And nothing suffuses the soul with joviality like a good mix. Here’s mine for not quite spring, but close. Feel free to download here.

musee d'orsay clock

1. Everyone’s Gonna Get High – Grouplove

2. Black Sheep – Gin Wigmore

3. Where the Kids Are – Blondfire

4. Future Starts Slow – The Kills

5. Go to Let Go (feat. Charlie Fink of Noah & the Whale) – Charlotte Gainsbourg

6. Love Is Gonna – Lucy Woodward

7. Fire – Ingrid Michaelson

8. 22 – Taylor Swift

9. Thinking of You – Ke$ha

10. Figure 8 – Ellie Goulding

11. I Love It (feat. Charli XCX) – Icona Pop

12. Bone – MS MR

13. Picking Up the Pieces – Paloma Faith

14. Glitter & Gold – Rebecca Ferguson

15. Put the Gun Down – ZZ Ward

16. Numb Bears – Of Monsters and Men

17. Motorway – Little Boots

18. Dark Paradise – Lana Del Rey

19. Sacrilege – Yeah Yeah Yeahs

20. The Freest Man – Tilly & the Wall

21. Carry On – fun.


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2 Responses to A Daylight Savings Mix

  1. Lauren says:

    Sad! Already at permission denied 😦

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