End of the Summer Beach Days

Every year, and I have mentioned this before, my best friend and I make a point to go to the beach at least once a week. We usually go after work when we need something to look forward to and the beach is less crowded. We spread out our blankets, slather on our sunscreen, pull out our books, and spend a couple hours relaxing and catching up on each others news. Or talking about Pretty Little Liars cause, let’s face it, we do that more than anything else. I love my best friend’s husband, but before they were a couple she was my best friend and every so often it’s not so bad having her all to myself, since we can’t, usually, manage to get him to come with us. Until K buys him that old timey swimsuit, that is. But all things, like all summers, must come to an end. This one we put off until we couldn’t anymore. It was a little bit cold, too cold to swim, there had been a storm earlier causing the water to kick up onto the sand and deposit dead fish, and there were (what I am fairly sure were) turkey vultures hunched over their nice snack of dead perch which I had to scare off. But, even despite all that, it was lovely. This was what our last beach day looked like.







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