Old New York.

I’m behind on a lot of things. Namely, writing my monthly book reviews and recapping my recent epic vacation. I just got back from New York (not the city, the Hudson Valley) and am in love with this book Great Houses of the Hudson River, which I got from the library. I want to go back already. But to move further South, I’ve been watching the BBC America show ‘Copper’ because 1) it’s on BBC America, and 2) I love all things historical. I got into a conversation with my mother about the location of one of the character’s home. It’s clearly forested, country, but this is in 1860s and I wasn’t sure how far one would need to go in order to find that sort of wooded area. You see, Cornelius Vanderbilt was building his steamships prior to the Civil War and two generations later his descendants were building outrageous homes all over the country. That seems so far removed from the near shanties being depicted in, say, Martin Scorsese’s Gangs of New York (love, love, love that movie). So, being the obsessive Googler that I am I looked up maps of what was Manhattan in 1865, the year the Civil War ended. The maps that I found as a result were so fascinating to me that I decided to share them here.


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