Terribly Fabulous Shows From Times Of Yore: ‘Point Pleasant’

I am a huge fan of television. I think that’s fairly obvious if you’ve ever even perused this blog, but in case you haven’t there’s all the information laid out in front of you in black and white: I love television. I watch so many shows that if I don’t keep up with them on
a weekly basis I get hopelessly lost in all I need to watch. I watch shows from the United States, I watch shows from Canada, I watch many many shows from Great Britain. And a lot of my favorites, whether they be worthy of the title or no,  are no longer on the air. So I thought it was time for a new segment to usher in my apparent two month break from blogging. It’s called Terribly Fabulous Shows From Times Of Yore. The terribly bit is because often of them are, in fact, terrible.

I figured with the season and, given yesterday’s topic, we’d start with Point Pleasant.

This was one of those shows that never really went anywhere. In fact I remember reading about it when it first started to air in a copy of TV Guide that was lying around the house of someone I used to babysit. I remember thinking “That’s the weirdest ass premise for a show that I have ever heard”. But, I didn’t watch it. Mostly because I went in and out of having cable and I think that was a time when I didn’t. I can’t even remember what channel on which it aired. Still, when it was released on DVD, including the four episodes that never made it to air, I bought it without thinking much of it. And then I was completely glued to my screen.

Now, let me be clear, Point Pleasant is not a good show, but it borders somewhere between hilarious and compelling enough to make it some cracking viewing. The story is this: Christina Nickson (who’s name might be the most hilarious part of this show) is evidently on a boating trip with her class (though this is dubious as we’re given
information later that declares their was no such trip and that, in fact, Christina wasn’t even enrolled in the school, in any event Christina believes it and I suppose that’s all that matters) when she falls overboard and is rescued by local hunk lifeguard Jesse in Point Pleasant, New Jersey. She’s unconscious and there’s a really bad storm out so Jesse takes her to the home of the local doctor, Ben Kramer. Ben’s married to Meg and they had two daughters, Judy and Isabel, until the later died in a surfing accident a little over a year ago. They immediately take a shine to Christina and even after she’s recovered from her shock they’re keen to keep her around, sort of weirdly taking up residence in Isabel’s vacated room. No one from home seems to mind cause her dad, Kingston, never seems to be around anyway and she was essentially raised by some weird butler looking dude. She
has no idea who her mother is, except a vague picture that was taken at a neighboring town, and grasps the opportunity to track her down. But then weird shit starts happening. Christina finds out Jesse has a girlfriend, Paula, and her car almost blows up, in fact every time Christina gets agitated or upset bad things happen. Paula steals Christina’s clothes at a public shower and suddenly Paula’s bathing in blood (something no one seems to question, by the way, they’re all like ‘Oh it must be rust’, really?? I can usually tell the difference between rusty water and blood), the weird butler who raised her tries to kill her but is stopped by a swarm of flies, and all the priests seem to either disappear or die violent deaths. And all that is besides the weird birthmark thing she seems to have in the iris of her eye. It literally looks like this:

So, yeah, in case you hadn’t guessed Christina’s the Anti-Christ. But wait, Christina doesn’t want to be evil, in fact the whole premise of the show is her trying to be good. She has the capacity, which they remind us every week in the “Previously On” segment, since she’s also the daughter of a woman; she has a choice. But with crazy Church people out to get her and the [SPOILERS FROM HERE ON OUT] news that Jesse (with whom she eventually becomes involved) died as a kid and was brought back by the grace of god to be the side of good in this epic battle that’s supposed to go down she really doesn’t seem to have much of a choice. And that’s why this show rocked so hard. In the end she finds her mother only to discover that she just can’t wait to kill the child of the beast and Christina literally goes nutso. She traps the Kramers in their house, digs up Isabel’s corpse to join them, blinds Ben, stabs Jesse in the neck (to be fair only after he stabbed her and she was healed cause, hey, she’s the Anti-Christ), and then stalks off to finish off the rest of town. The season, and series, ends with her walking down the road with a crazy flock of birds following her. Okay, so we’re given a vague sense that the Kramers are going to try and rehabilitate her but we never see that. Really, I
couldn’t ask for a better ending from a show about the Anti-Christ.

I think the main problem with this show was the melodrama, but that’s only to be expected from a show about teenagers. There was also, ironically I suppose, a lot of holier than thou shit, but I guess that’s to be expected too. I’m not surprised it was canceled, and I don’t even mind all that much, but I really sort of enjoyed what we saw.


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