Weekly Crush.

Rory Williams

How You Know Him:

As the sometimes bemused and often bumbling boyfriend, fiancé,, and eventually husband to Amy Pond, and current full time companion to the Doctor in the BBC’s Doctor Who.

Why He’s Crushworthy:

I’ve talked about Rory Williams a couple times before namely here, and here, and here, but I’ve never quite made it official. And since the series six premiere of Doctor Who takes place tomorrow and I feel his chances for survival are not all that great, I decided it was high time. In one of the worst ad campaigns I’ve ever come across, the producers of Doctor Who have promised that one of the four main characters will die in the second half of the two part opener which takes place in the United States, yes this is a big deal because they’ve never shot an episode of Doctor Who in the United States (apart from the 1996 film version which… hardly counts) before, despite several episodes actually taking place here. But that’s hardly the point. I am looking at facts; The Doctor is very unlikely to die considering Matt Smith is contracted through 2013 or something like that, Amy Pond will probably not bite it because I also believe Karen Gillian is contracted for at least the remainder of this series, we have seen how River Song dies, and so that just leaves one that makes any sort of sense. Unless they do some fancy footery (though who knows, he’s been rumored to be in the full season and people have glimpsed pictures), I’m not quite expecting Rory to live. Which blows because he’s my favorite character AND he died last year. Don’t ask.

We met Rory in the same episode where we met Amy Pond. The latter met the Doctor when she was seven years old, only to be left behind when he left in the TARDIS for “five minutes” and was gone twelve years, and then for a further two years later in the episode. Let’s just say in those fourteen years things had changed for Ms. Pond. She’d grown up, gotten legs about as long as I am tall, and acquired herself a boyfriend, later fiancé, and eventual husband, named Rory. When she is whisked away by the Doctor the day before her wedding, a fact that the Doctor isn’t really informed of, she seems somewhat unsure if she wants to take the plunge. The small town of Leadworth is okay and all, but it is hardly full of the adventures that Amy always wanted for herself, and play acted as a kid making Rory dress up as the Raggedy Doctor while they had adventures. It only made sense that the relationship between Amy and Rory would fizzle, but instead something else happened; she realized she couldn’t quite live without him. And while I feel like the writers could have done a better job at showing us this instead of telling it to us, I still have to applaud the choice. We’ve seen, countless times, the choice between adventures and settling down with the guy, here we have settling down with the guy while having adventures. Sounds ideal to me.

But then, of course, there’s Rory himself. I do love the relationship between Amy and Rory but I’m pretty sure that, given half the chance, I’d steal him in a second.

It seems, to me, that he was initially meant to be an ancillary character. The boyfriend of the girl who waited, who she’s not so sure about. Yet when he was introduced it was separate from Amy, he didn’t tag along behind her or yell and scream in confusion over things she seemed to be taking with a grain of salt. Instead, he was noticing some really weird stuff going down, and taking photographic evidence since no one believed him. He turned out to be Amy’s boyfriend, sure, but that wasn’t even the reason why the Doctor singled him out of a crowd. It was because this boy was observant and smart enough to be concerned with all the strangeness rather than focusing on the one element everyone else was. The second time we met him it was at his stag do when the Doctor, having learned of the impending nuptials, decided Rory should come with them to fifteenth century Venice. Okay, so Rory was decidedly weirded out by the Doctor popping out of his cake instead of the stripper that was supposed to be, but that’s just to be expected. After that Rory was in full force dodging demons and constructing plans with the best of them. It was probably in my least favorite episodes of series five, “The Hungry Earth” and “Cold Blood”, that Rory shown the brightest though. When our protagonists capture an ancient race that’s been dormant under the ground for millennia it’s Rory who tries to learn about their culture rather than treating the hostage with fear and hostility like the rest of the humans.

And if all that weren’t enough to recommend him to me, there’s always the fact that he’s almost preternaturally spastic. Now, don’t ask me why I find spasticity attractive, but I always have. It’s perhaps something to do with the fact that I’m more than a little spastic myself and think that if I ever dated anyone with any sort of natural grace I’d start feeling like I didn’t quite belong. I like people who get overexcited about small things but are able to keep their cool in larger situations. And somehow I like people with the ability to trip over their own two feet and then laugh about it. 


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