Weekly Crush.

Simon Tam

How You Know Him:

As a relatively unassuming doctor who’s on the lam after breaking his sister, River, out of an Alliance run “school”, called The Academy that basically experimented on super smart individuals, causing them both to be fugitives aboard the Serenity, a spaceship full of smugglers, on television’s Firefly.

Why He’s Crushworthy:

So, recently, the Science Channel just started showing old episodes of Firefly every week. Which propelled my mother to ask me if I’d ever heard of the show. I did my very best to keep from rolling my eyes as my Whedon worshiping self answered that yes I had heard of it and I had the DVD boxset upstairs if she’d prefer to watch it all in one go. She announced that it looked “really sci-fi” and then opted for week by week on the Science Channel. It seems like that would have been enough to remind me of my crush on Simon Tam and it was, to a degree. Of course I then promptly forgot and found myself on facebook practically begging people to give me a Weekly Crush, which is when K reminded me of Nathan Fillion’s existence and halfway through writing that Weekly Crush I was unsurprisingly reminded of where I’d started to begin with.

I wasn’t immediately taken with Simon Tam, who’s name I have a very difficult time separating, the way I often am with characters from things, but rather with time when I looked back and thought “Oh, he’s really my type”. Because I really have a type. But at least I’m not alone because trying to look up a halfway decent picture is almost like pulling teeth since Google keeps suggesting I type in the, apparently often Googled, “simon tam shirtless”. No thanks, that’s never been my bag, but there are plenty of things about him which are.

I’ve never been particularly impressed by the more traditional professions (doctor, lawyer, etc..) the point that Simon was once a successful and rather well to do trauma surgeon leads one to believe that he has my number one qualification; brains. I realized this not even that long ago, perhaps four years, when I started holding up all my random crushes to the light and realized that every single one of them are some sort of, we’ll say very, smart. Basically, if one wanted to figure who I’d have a crush on in a movie or television show they could pick the smartest person in the room and nine times out of ten they’d be right. Okay, so Simon Tam might not be the smartest person in Firefly, but he’s definitely second (and also has the distinction of being relatively sane).  In this ragtag group of pretty awesome characters, Simon doesn’t really fit in. He had a fairly privileged life until he opted to spend all his money, leave it all behind, and become a fugitive in order to save his sister, which has that heroic thing going for him. At the beginning of the series it’s clear that he doesn’t trust any of the other crew on Serenity, for reasons that make sense, but eventually becomes one of them, as was inevitable. I have a soft spot for outsiders eventually fitting in with other outsiders. Hell, who doesn’t?

And if that’s not enough, then there is also the fact that he wears those ridiculous vests.


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2 Responses to Weekly Crush.

  1. Redhead says:

    don’t you mean “those ridiculously adorable vests”?

    yes, he’s totally crushworthy! I don’t remember what I was watching the other day, but it had some random tall dark & handsome who I was drooling over. Later that evening I remember thinking to myself “that guy was so hot cuz he looked just like Simon!”

  2. Lindsay says:

    The adorable was implied.

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