Things That Make Me Happy (Part Five)

Pretty Little Liars Season Finale

Out of all the shows I talk about on this blog I think I may talk about Pretty Little Liars the most. That may be because I’m hopelessly addicted to the mystery and intrigue. It may seem that liking this show should be something for a Sunday Confessional but the fact of the matter is that I’m really not all that ashamed of liking it at all. I thought it would be a silly guilty pleasure when I first saw the adds but it really has a lot more in common with Veronica Mars, or even Twin Peaks, than Gossip Girl because it’s essentially about murder and a group of people who haven’t always told the truth and as a consequence some really bad things have happened. I wrote a long post about this once before, but in case you don’t read every word I write with baited breathe here’s a very short rundown. Four friends are being pretty much terrorized by someone who calls themselves “A” and knows secrets, both new and what the girls thought were long buried, that they thought only their dead friend Alison knew. Okay, so all the girls have the requisite love interests and typical teen stuff, but that’s the periphery. This story is about uncovering a murder and uncovering who knows more than what they’re saying. Monday was the season finale and we got the answers to some of our questions. Mostly. It was both satisfying and unsatisfying in all the right ways. We know who killed Ali, but this story is far from over. “A” has more to say, a new mystery’s been thrown in, and even though the audience knows who the killer is I’d be very surprised if that was over. Basically, great finale. I can’t stop talking about it. And it’s very convenient that K feels the same way.

Delacorte Clock

The Delacorte Clock is situated above the entrance to the Children’s Zoo in New York’s Central Park. I’ve been to New York City enough times that I’m pretty impressed I’ve never come across the Delacorte Clock before. But that’s what makes New York worth going back to, there’s enough to see for repeat visits. And then again, there’s no real reason I would have ever been to the Children’s Zoo… so there’s that. The Delacorte Clock was given to the city by philanthropist George T. Delacorte, who also donated a bunch of other stuff (including the Alice in Wonderland sculpture also in Central Park) to the city. It was dedicated in 1965 and designed by Fernando Texidor who wanted to create something like a modern belfry. Every hour on the hour the sculpted animals in the clock dance around in a circle to one of thirty two nursery rhyme tunes. For some reason it reminds me of Berlin, but I find it all enchanting.

The Frozen Lighthouse on Lake Erie

It’s a lot easier to appreciate this now that the big thaw has set in, but it was still pretty impressive back then. I never got to see this live, but it seemed to be all over the news; the waves breaking high enough over this small lighthouse situated at the mouth of the Cuyahoga river. But the whole thing encased in ice really is pretty impressive. It reminds me of Lake Geneva in the wintertime.

Tree Trunks

Okay so Tree Trunks is the second character from Adventure Time with Finn and Jake that I’ve written about. She’s a tiny elephant who likes to bake pies and she’s been in approximately two episodes. The first was when she went adventuring with the two protagonists in order to find some sort of a crystaline apple. She wasn’t too great at the whole adventuring thing because she’s basically an old woman elephant, but eventually she got her apple. Except one bite made her explode. But she wasn’t dead! The second episode involved her having been changed into some sort of tyrannical leader of the crystaline people. But never fear, once the apple chunk was dislodged she was totally fine again. Essentially, she’s a small elephant that’s adorable, but also like an old lady who’s adorable. And her name is Tree Trunks.

M. Hulot’s Place

In Mon Oncle, and perhaps other Jacques Tati films I honestly don’t remember, Monsieur Hulot’s apartment is located in this incredibly awesome building. I think in reality I wouldn’t really love living here in the long run, but in a film it’s so very enchanting. Also incredibly French, which makes me want to run towards it with my arms open while humming “Sur le pont d’Avignon” with a baguette in one hand and a beret on my head. In order to get to his appartement M. Hulot must enter the front door, walk up the stairs, down the stairs, outside and around, back inside, round the back, and then finally to the little blue door.

Faroe Islands

I really love islands. It’s one of my greatest hopes that at some point in my life I was live on an island. They seem so incredibly impractical to inhabit, because it’s just so difficult to get anywhere else. But even still all over the world people have settled on islands. Some are normally functioning towns, some are island paradises. There’s really not much to not love about them. I was watching a movie recently somewhat about the legend of the selkie. This particular film took place in Ireland, as most selkie related stories do, but because I’m an obsessive Googler I looked up the legend only to discover that it existed not only in Ireland and Scotland, but also in the Faroe Islands. I’d never heard of them so I started exploring some more. Located  in the Norwegian Sea in the North Atlantic about halfway between Great Britain and Iceland, the Faroe Islands are subarctic but I think a wintertime visit would be a tad chilly. It would be the sort of place I’d love to go take photographs. I love the idea of standing on one island and looking over to another with water dipping and curling in between them. The Faroe Islands are an autonomous province of the Kingdom of Denmark. Of course you don’t have to do too much research into the islands to know that whaling is a large part of their culture, with pilot whale hunts staining the bays and fjords red in the summer. I can’t fully support whaling, but then again, it’s not a part of my culture.


The first time I went to Paris I remember being completely enchanted when my mother explained the idea of a funicular. Or funiculaire as this particular one, which takes passengers up the hill to la Butte Montmartre, is called. It was clearly the first one I ever encountered, but also probably my favorite simply for the fact that it’s in Paris and takes people to my favorite place in Paris. A funicular, really, is just a railway that takes people up a sharp hill and they have them all over the world. I’m not sure why that idea thrills me, but it does. The only other funicular I’ve ever been on is the Duquesne Incline in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania that affords pretty spectacular views of downtown Pittsburgh. And I suppose that’s something most of them do; afford great views by taking passengers up a small mountain.

This Cartoon

It’s just funny.


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4 Responses to Things That Make Me Happy (Part Five)

  1. Lauren Kono says:

    Yes!!! I lovelovelove FUNiculars and sing their praises often. I also go out of my way to ride them, even the unnecessary ones.

    • Lindsay says:

      Are any of them really all THAT necessary? Let’s be honest, unless you’re walking home from work after a long day on your feet and you live up a really tall hill they’re just meant to be fun. Love them.

  2. lijkesnijer says:

    Funiculaires.. And only in France ❤
    Never thought anyone else would love those, really 😉

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