Weekly Crush.

Alison Brie

How You Know Her:

As uptight, fairly bookish, though unquestionably gorgeous Annie Edison on Community and as Trudy, the overly understanding and sometimes suffering wife of Peter Campbell on Mad Men.

Why She’s Crushworthy:

There are a lot of actresses like Alison Brie. The sort that aren’t quite a household name but have been working steadily for enough time that they’re recognizable. They’re pretty, witty, and look really good in a plethora of different costumes. But with parts in two very popular and very different television programs currently on the air at the same time I can’t quite help being impressed by Ms. Brie.

I first saw her on Community. When it started out I pretty much just tuned in to watch this sitcom because I used to be addicted to The Soup and think Joel McHale is hilarious. I knew nothing about the other actors showcased in this ensemble… okay besides Chevy Chase but, let’s face it, it’s been awhile since I really cared about Clark Griswold… even the ones who were pseudo famous and the ones who were from Cleveland. But like most shows of this nature, there is nothing if we don’t have the ensemble. Every character is funny and every character brings something different to the table. In the first season it was funny, they delegated Gillian Jacobs’ character, Britta, as the sexy one and completely ignored Alison Brie’s Annie. She was given some amusing episodes but was never the stuff of romantic lead. She was young, nineteen, and was given the jokes surrounding that. And that was about it. Oh, she ran with it, of course, but it wasn’t until the studio execs seemed to realize that she was far too popular and considered far too attractive to keep her in tights and penny loafers the whole time. When season two began she started wearing trendier clothes and lower cut tops. And then there’s the monkey the character’s named Annie’s Boobs. So yeah… I guess they noticed she has some.

(Annie’s Boobs)

It wasn’t really until I got a kidney stone and needed something to do while encased in my Percocet induced stupor when I started watching Mad Men. I’d always meant to, of course, who hasn’t meant to watch Mad Men. Something that’s been showered with as many accolades as this one about advertising executives in the sixties doesn’t really escape notice. But, it was the sort of show that I thought might probably need watching from the beginning (I was right) and I didn’t want to devote the time. Of course, once I did start watching it I had to tear myself away from the screen with the jaws of life. And then, there in the first episode, the roguish, terribly clean cut, young upstart that used to play Angel’s son on, well, Angel, was getting himself married to a Jackiesque beauty with perfectly sculpted hair (so jealous of those hairstyles) and the sort of upturned nose I used to wish I possessed. It wasn’t until the second episode when I squinted my eyes and realized that it was the same actress from Community.

I think, generally, it’s the complete difference in the roles and tone of shows she’s currently involved in that impresses me. She gets to flex her dramatic muscles in one and her comedic ones in the other; a perfect blend for any good actress, but even better; she’s completely convincing in both.


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