Weekly Crush.

Nathan Fillion

How You Know Him:

Captain Tightpants himself, that is Malcolm Reynolds in Joss Whedon’s television series Firefly and film Serenity, villainous sidekick priest Caleb in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, fighting off infesty alien worm… things in the horror comedy Slither, cozying up to Keri Russell in Waitress, as the totally unnecessary husband to Dana Delany in Desperate Housewives, egotistical superhero Captain Hammer in Dr. Horrible’s Sing-a-long Blog, and Richard Castle in, well, Castle.

Why He’s Crushworthy:

I really wish that I could say it was with Firefly that I became acquainted with Nathan Fillion, but I’d just be lying. It was Buffy, but I honestly couldn’t have given him a face until Desperate Housewives, and even then he didn’t strike that much of an impression on me. Of course, as stated above, his part was almost completely unnecessary. As the husband to new character Katherine Mayfair (Delany) who harbored many secrets, as is custom on Wisteria Lane, he was hardly ever in the forefront. It became clear that his character knew about things but knowing about things never got any character all that much screen time. Shortly after that Waitress came out and showed at the little movie theatre where I worked. So when I finally got my copy of Firefly from the local library I already knew who Fillion was. But I didn’t know, yet, that I would love him forever.

I suppose there are a lot of reasons someone could lay claim to Nathan Fillion, but for me it’s the point that he never quite seems serious. When Castle came on TV I knew I would watch it, for him, but I didn’t know that I would like it quite as much as I do. Another cop show, sure, but it’s mix of outrageous cases, witty dialogue, and… Nathan Fillion’s personality make it really worth watching. Because you can’t quite watch Castle in action and not be keenly aware that it’s Fillion doing his thing. I don’t often have crushes on actors because I don’t know their personalities, but Fillion’s not quite like that. The fact that he’s rather active on Twitter only helps with this case. His feed is one of the few that I’m always consistently happy to read. He’s funny, amusingly self promoting, a little immature, and he really really loves Firefly. And since I love Firefly I love him for loving it. And then, of course, there’s him always trying to get things to take off. Like “feed the bird” (instead of slapping five when something rocks you bring all your fingers together in a point, or beak, and tap it against someone else’s beak… like a mother bird feeding her young) and Double Rainbow, which was unquestioningly helped along by the popularity of that stoned dude wondering what it could possible mean.

Basically, he seems to have fun with his fans, his life, and his career. And I really like that.


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