Weekly Crush.

Josh Radcliff

How You Know Him:

As the werewolf counterpart to three supernatural roommates living in a weirdly creepy looking Boston house in Syfy’s version of Being Human.

Why He’s Crushworthy:

I watched two series of the original version of Being Human and was never particularly taken with George, Josh’s UK counterpart. I certainly liked him, found him to be perfect for the tone and setting of the story, and certainly found him amusing. But if I was to find myself a crush from that show then it would most certainly be Mitchell, the vampire character, as stated here. But once I started watching Syfy’s version of the show I started to wonder why, as the two are very obvious parallels of each other.

In the original George is used as a sort of comic relief, a tough act when half the role involves his bones breaking and reforming in a very painful way once a month, and Syfy’s version does the same. The funniest lines are always reserved for him in the way they always are for the lovably weird, who are often sarcastic and somewhat negative, characters.

Still, a little negativity is not unwarranted. This is, essentially, the story of three very sad people (if people is the term you want to use). Mitchell/Aidan was just trying to do his duty in a war when he was changed into a vampire against his will, Annie/Sally just wanted to get married and have a normal life when she fell down the stairs and cracked her head open at the bottom, and George/Josh was just camping out with a friend when they were attacked by a werewolf, leaving his friend dead and himself forever changed. Those are pretty depressing circumstances to find oneself in. So there’s the inherently tragic in all this, really, but what makes the series strong is that there’s not a whole lot of dwelling. For the most part these characters are just trying to move on with their lives, or afterlives as the case may be, and be somewhat normal.

But why Josh specifically for me? Well, he’s halfway socially inept and halfway spastic. He’s brilliant but doesn’t live up to his potential because he’s convinced he can’t (well, getting scratched by a werewolf can hinder one’s normalcy). He’s pretty bad with girls but is genuinely kind enough to attract the attention of surgeon Nora (counterpart to ward sister Nina Pickering in the UK version) who starts to realize he’s not an ass, he just can’t talk to women. He left behind his whole life and family when he was turned into a werewolf but when his past catches up with him his reaction is genuine; between missing his past life and wanting to protect them from his current one.

I’m not entirely sure why I’m always attracted to the socially stunted and often ridiculous, it’s probably something to do with the fact that I’m socially stunted and ridiculous myself, but it’s a good bet that when a character like that appears on my television it will be only a matter of a few episodes before I start feeling an affinity. If they’re also snarky and have secrets, it will probably be less time than that.


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