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(hello crappy picture my phone took)

This past Monday I went to my first concert solo. I’ve always gone with friends in the past or let them slip by because I didn’t want to go out on my own. But my love of synthy Europop won out and I decided to go see Robyn at the House of Blues on my own. It was stymied by the fact that Natalia Kills was the opening act and I rather like her brand of pop music. But, I thought Natalia Kills’ performance was a tad subpar, the sort of thing that migtht’ve been okay in an arena setting, with dancers and pipped in driving beats. But at the House of Blues and as an opening act it was awkward. It sounded lip synched for one, and the lack of stage space for the dancing was not ideal. Plus, she was onstage for all of fifteen minutes. I know five of her songs and was hoping she’d sing something I hadn’t heard. She didn’t even sing all the ones I did. But whatever, I still like those songs and she hasn’t taken off yet. Besides, I paid for Robyn.

And Robyn’s show was amazing. Over the past year or so the Swedish songstress released two EPs, Body Talk Pt. 1 and Body Talk Pt. 2, and a full length album, just Body Talk, that complied most of the first two EPs and five new songs. They were all killer pop songs. In fact, I’m pretty sure that Body Talk is one of the few almost perfect pop records I’ve ever heard. She didn’t perform every song from the albums but she did do a fair amount of them, opening with “Time Machine” and then immediately segueing into “Fembot”. She was energetic, a little crazy, and surprisingly gracious. I always think it’s a little amusing whenever I go to concerts in Cleveland because we have really great fans, but the artists never expect it. Eventually, in nearly every concert I’ve been to, they tend to get a little overwhelmed by the response.

I was really glad I went for two reasons; 1) I saw a kick ass concert and had a great time dancing in the balcony and 2) I did something I was afraid of.

There is no Rory Williams Doctor Who action figure.

That’s absurd. He’s a full time companion now (IN THE OPENING TITLES) and was reoccurring all through series five. They gave some dude that ended up being a robot made by Daleks an action figure. There’s an action figure of a random Roman soldier. But no Rory. Putting aside the fact that this doesn’t matter in the slightest in the scheme of things, especially since it’s not as if I would buy it if they did, but still, it’s criminal.

“Young Blood” by The Naked and Famous

You know those songs that you hear in pretty much every television show and every commercial and they really start to grate on you. Like “Hey Soul Sister”. This could very easily be one of those songs, except it’s really good. It’s the sort of song that I would imagine at the end of something. The sort of song that calls to mind lying in the grass and reflecting on what’s just happened. The sort of song that belongs in the television show of life. In other words, it belongs in series one and two of Skins.


Marceline is from the Cartoon Network series Adventure Time, which is about a kid and his magical dog who live in a tree and like to go on adventures. They come across a bunch of different inhabitants of the magical land where they appear to live, but my favorite is Marceline, the Vampire Queen. She’s just so freaking bizarre. She doesn’t drink blood, but rather drinks the color red. She sucks the red out of strawberries and bow ties. For real. And she has an ax that she’s fashioned into a bass. And she wrote this Fry Song.

Music from Skins

I think if I were to have a dream job, along with about eight other dream jobs, I would choose to be the person who does the music for Skins. Either UK or US, doesn’t matter because while the US version is clearly not as good as the original, and I say that not from snobbery but from observation, there is still a lot about it that relies on music. I have discovered a ridiculous amount of music from watching this show because it’s uses a wonderful mix between pop, classic rock, spacey alternative, and the sort of lo-fi that’s often favored by people claiming they’re not hipsters. I think it would be incredible to search through the music catalog of this planet and pull out gems that fit perfectly with scenes. A lot of shows, often shows geared towards the younger set (seriously, they played Jenny and Johnny on Gossip Girl last week), rely heavily on music, but none more so than Skins. Here’s my offering to you for the week, it was in Mini’s episode in series five; Crystal Fighters “With You”.

Ksenia Solo is on Nikita next week.



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