Weekly Crush.

Kaya Scodelario

How You Know Her:

As a bit part, Peshet, in Clash of the Titans, for about three minutes in Moon, as Catherine Earnshaw in the upcoming new Wuthering Heights film, and in the craptastic Shank. But predominiately as Effy Stonem the enigmatic younger sister to series one and two lead Tony Stonem in Skins; who became the central, and less mysterious though still bad ass, character in series three and four.

Why She’s Crushworthy:

I find myself, as I write this, watching a movie called Shank, which takes place in London in 2015 when everything has gone to hell and the streets are crawling with various gangs of youngsters and adults don’t really appear to be all that present. It’s one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen. So why am I still watching it? Because Kaya Scodelario’s in it, and she’s not in much.

I considered making a new segment called “I’m Her!” based off a game K and I played when we were little, going through magazines, finding beautiful women and proclaiming that, well, we were them. I put up a blog a loooong time ago on my MySpace account that gave a rundown of seven “I’m Her”s and thought it might be funny to do it again, but then I sort of realized that it’s really a lot like my Weekly Crushes. After all what is a crush other than someone you find somewhat fascinating?

But like I said, she’s not in much, and while I loved Moon and… okay well Clash of the Titans was blah and Shank bit the big one, it’s obviously from Skins that I love her. I was immediately fascinated by Effy when the series opened with her entreating her brothers help so that she could sneak into the house after a night of obvious partying and then join her family at the kitchen table as if she’d been asleep the whole night. While Tony was the rebellious sibling, constantly ribbing their father, Effy was the silently rebellious type. And when I say silent I mean silent because throughout the first series of the show she had all of four or five lines. She skirted around the periphery silently observing the going on of her brother’s friends and her family but never actively participating. It’s not until the eighth episode, aptly titled “Effy”, where we get a closer view at all. In it she acts the good girl, playing games and saying goodnight to her parents before sneaking out, breaking into buildings, doing drugs, making out and then ODing on what’s probably heroin. It’s difficult to express someone else’s meaning without speaking but somehow I was never confused by Effy’s intentions.

Still, she’s far more in control than that would suggest. In series two she takes control of her family, taking care of her brother after an accident and reorders the lives of his friends. She basically does what no one else seems able or willing to do. She’s completely weird, but also completely interesting. And of course it’s not until she becomes the central character of series three and four that we see her coming apart at the seems. And even that is delightfully weird. After watching the disillusionment of her parents marriage she refuses to let anyone get too close to her, not even seeming to realize that her outrageous behavior is a screen to keep everyone at arms length. I didn’t love series four, I thought it tried to accomplish too much by showing too little and ultimately managed nothing at all. Still, Effy’s character  is the one I felt like I watched a complete journey instead of snippets of her life, even if I wasn’t thrilled by the final turns.

It’s not like Kaya Scodelario has a lot of work under her belt but I can’t help feeling like she’s someone to watch. As current “fan favorite” (whatever that really means) to play Katniss Everdeen in the upcoming Hunger Games movie [though I can’t imagine her getting the part, even though she’s perfect for it] and with Wuthering Heights that’s in post production coming out I hope we’ll get to see Kaya as something completely different. In the mean time… well, I’m okay with my Skins DVDs.


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