SNL Sketch #1: The Mood Killer

Everyone has someone that irrationally creeps them out, mine’s Fred Armisen and this is what was born of it.

(okay this was supposed to be a picture of Fred Armisen, but I couldn’t quite stomach the idea of a picture of him on my blog.)


Mood Killer: Fred Armisen

Woman: Kristin Wiig

Tubby Timmy: Bobby Moynihan

The rest of the cast is completely arbitrary.

Idea by L. Heller and C. Reese.

Scene 1: Strip Club

It’s a typical day at the Boom Boom Room and everyone is having a great time. Someone’s getting a lap dance from a buxom beauty. There are two girls on stage dressed as nurses about to start their show. Suddenly the Mood Killer enters. All at once the music screeches to a stop, everyone turns their heads to look. The girls stop their show with looks of boredom and half heartedly put their clothes back on. The girl giving the lap dance stands, the money in her hand disintegrates and falls to the floor. A group of nuns walk in.

Scene 2: Birthday Party

Susie is turning eight and everyone is having a great time. There are balloons, a clown, and a three tiered cake. Some kids are running around playing with a piñata and others are watching the clown make balloon animals. Suddenly we hear a Woman (Wiig) cry “Oh god! Oh god no!” In comes the Mood Killer carrying a present. All at once the balloons sink to the ground with a thud, the clown’s makeup turns into a hideous fang toothed mask of doom, the piñata breaks open and a bunch of dust pops out, the children all burst into tears and the cake deflates with a “whoosh”ing sound.

Scene 3: Waterpark

It’s a sunny day at Archie’s Aquatic Adventures and everyone is having a great time. The kids are laughing and splashing and going on the slides. A group of men are oogling a woman in a bikini. Tubby Timmy (Moynihan) is sliding down a slide on his stomach. Suddenly the Mood Killer enters. The pool water immediately evaporates, the woman’s bikini turns into a one piece twenties style number complete with Capri style pants and ruffly skirt. Tubby Timmy jerks down the dry slide screaming for his mother.

Scene 4: Hospital Maternity Ward

A Woman is in labor and everyone is not entirely having a great time because that would be slightly inappropriate, but there is a mood of general excitement. By the Woman’s side is her husband holding her hand, coaching her through Lamaze, and assuring her everyone will be alright. She’s huffing and puffing. Suddenly, in walks the Mood Killer. The Woman screams. The baby daddy screams “Who invited him?!” All the baby monitoring machines shut down.

Doctor: Oh my god she’s climbing back in!

Woman: Screams.

Dad: Oh my god, my god!

Nurse: What’s happening?!

Panic ensues as the camera closes in on the Mood Killer who sighs dejectedly, drops the flowers he brought, and leaves hanging his head.



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