Weekly Crush.

Mila Kunis

How You Know Her:

As a character I’m predominately unaware of in, considering the fact that I hated, That 70s Show. As the easy going love interest of Jason Segel in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. As assorted voices on Robot Chicken and Meg Griffin in Family Guy. As one half of Whippet and Taste in Date Night, which was probably the best part in a hilarious movie. And most recently as tattooed, partying, free spirit, ballet rival Lily in Darren Aronofsky’s Black Swan.

Why She’s Crushworthy:

I can only assume that Kunis was discovered in That 70s Show. I tried, a few times in it’s popularity, to get into this show but I found that even though Topher Grace is totally my type I didn’t care about the characters. At all. So it was long after that when I became aware of Kunis in any real way. In fact, it was probably from incessant episodes of Family Guy and Robot Chicken, which she, as stated above, provides voices for. When I realized that the voice of dowdy Meg Griffin belonged to that hot girl fromThat 70s Show I was impressed because it at least suggests that she cares more about the comedy and being a part of something amusing rather than having her face plastered all over everything.

Of course that’s not to say she doesn’t work besides that. She was probably the most amusing part ofExtract, where she played a con woman who uses her looks to beguile and rob men blind, and she added the necessary heart to Forgetting Sarah Marshall as the love interest that proves it is, in fact, possible to forget Sarah Marshall. And then of course there’s Date Night, a pretty funny movie where she was on screen for no more than five minutes. Co-worker C and I laugh continually over Taste and Whippet, her role and James Franco’s, and their tattoos of each other’s faces. Along with their names and general spastic behavior. It’s an impressive feat to be the most memorable in a movie that stars Tina Fey and Steve Carrell, but it worked for me. She seems laid back and funny and smart. Basically, she’s sexy in a way that still seems like she’d be really fun to hang out with.

And then there’s Black Swan. In Black Swan, which is what made me use her as a Weekly Crush in the first place, she’s electrifying. She’s by no means the star, as this movie belongs to no one besides Natalie Portman, but she does round out a supporting cast so remarkable that they make Ms. Portman’s Golden Globe winning performance just that more impressive. Lily, Ms. Kunis’ character, is clearly the sexy one. The black swan to Nina’s white. The thing that Nina has to become in order to succeed at this role she’s so coveted. But the focus is not on any sort of real Lily, not ever, but rather on the Lily that exists in Nina’s head. It’s sort of a double role, in a lot of ways, and Kunis managed to make the role sexy, fun, and menacing all at the same time.

In a lot of ways Mila Kunis has been around forever, but in a lot of others she’s just starting out. I’m interested in seeing her take on more dramatic roles and with the success of Black Swan that’s probably likely. But whatever it is that she does next, I’ll probably be watching.


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