Weekly Crush.

Jason Segel

How You Know Him:

I first became aware of Jason Segel in Freak and Geeks where he played drums obsessed Nick Andopolis who also served as overzealous love interest to reluctant Lindsay Weir. He had a reoccurring role on Judd Apatow’s other short lived television project, Undeclared, as overzealous love interest to a character who’s name I can’t remember. He appeared in Knocked Up, and starred in Forgetting Sarah Marshall (which he also wrote), I Love You Man, and lent his voice to Despicable Me. But most importantly as Marshall on the sitcom How I Met Your Mother.

Why He’s Crushworthy:

When I recently visited my sister in Chicago we got around to the subject of How I Met Your Mother and how she had started to watch it because her friend did. I’d been watching it for years and she either didn’t believe me that it’s amazing or else I never mentioned it before. Honestly, it can’t be denied that CBS has some seriously crappy sitcoms (ahem, Two and a Half Men) so I can’t really blame her for thinking that HIMYM was probably one of them. I thought the same thing, years ago, and despite Alyson Hannigan (who receives her pass from my love of Buffy). But as we were discussing the show my sister mentioned that Marshall was probably her ideal man. I couldn’t help agreeing, somewhat. Marshall isn’t exactly my type. He’s probably sufficiently neurotic and easily flustered and he certainly finds a way of mixing responsibility with having fun. But his ideals don’t entirely match mine. He is a lawyer after all, which may be the most boring job in the world (apologies to all lawyers out there, feel free to try and prove me wrong). He also is very big on family, and while I love mine I have no desire to propagate one of my own. But, the good things about him are evident. He’s cuddly for one, not too ashamed to get in touch with his feminine side (usually comically), and is completely devoted to Lily, almost to a fault. He’s understanding and kind and would probably always make you feel safe and secure. However, it’s not Marshall who’s my Weekly Crush so I should probably shut up about him. In pretty much everything Jason Segel does he’s pretty hilarious. There are certain actors who can play a variety of characters and still somehow end up being themselves. Not in a bad way, not really, but it’s clear that their personality is showing through. Jason Segel is definitely one of these actors. All his characters tend to be overemotional and overly nice, and… quite a bit like Marshall is. That could be typecasting, but I sort of doubt it can all be laid down to that. Especially since he wrote the script for Forgetting Sarah Marshall. And his multi-talented-ness doesn’t end there he also writes and performs songs, and apparently has some sort of talent with puppets (as showcased in the aforementioned film and also this upcoming Muppets thing that I know nothing about).

But beyond all that he just seems nice. A nice goof ball. And doesn’t want to take that home?


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  1. Sarah says:

    i. love. him.

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