Five Months of Travels.

I am not one to make resolutions, I never have. But last year, as I found myself struggling with a bout of one of the blackest moods I’ve ever struggled with, I decided it might be a good idea. I set forth some goals for myself, some possible and some not. And overall I think I did fairly well with them. I read more, wrote more, laughed more, and went to Niagara Falls.

But this year as I tried to decide what my resolutions for 2011 would be nothing came to mind. I have things I want to do this year. Like go to the Dunham Tavern Museum and the Money Museum and the Western Reserve Historical Society (which I haven’t been to in so long I may as well say I’ve never been), maybe even the Polka Hall of Fame. I want to try all the restaurants I’ve never tried and bars where I’ve never had a drink. Basically I want to live in my city to the fullest because I don’t know how much longer I’m planning on being here. To the same end, I’d also like to finish school. But those aren’t really resolutions. There’s always the basic “go to the gym” but I wont waste my time writing that or your time making you reading. I think I’m in a pretty good place right now, so, honestly, maybe it’s that I don’t need resolutions.

But one thing that I’d like to continue is traveling more. I love visiting new places and over the summer I made a bit of a resolution until the new year; I was going to travel somewhere every month until January. This was a bit of an arbitrary finishing date, but it seemed appropriate. This post is about looking forward, but it’s also about looking back. I made myself a challenge and I achieved it. So now it’s time to review some of the places I’ve been:

September Key West

My best friend K has been going to Key west as long as I can remember. She’s also taken many friends with her on the trip. But somehow those friends were never me, mostly given the fact that I spent the majority of my summers at camp in New Hampshire when the planned trips would be. But this year I finally made it. K and J and I drove from Cleveland, Ohio to Key West, Florida in two days with a pit stop in Miami to visit with J’s family. I’ve liked a lot of places I’ve visited and I have a list a mile long of places where I could live, but I can’t recall the last time I considered diving out of the car when we started driving away. People have asked me to pin down the reasons why I loved Key West so, but I can’t really put it into words. I can understand full well why people would go on vacation and just never go home. It was both busy and relaxing since we spent about half the day on the beach or by the pool and the other half exploring the various historical and fun things; such as the southern most point, Hems’ House, and Ghost Tours. Basically I would just really like to go back. Now.

October Niagara Falls

This was one of my resolutions last year so I was completely committed to going at some point in the year. It was just that I got… well, busy. October is not exactly the best time to go to Niagara Falls, but it was the only time I had. I wanted to go over the summer, but was delayed in the fact that my mother said she wanted to join me but failed to renew her passport. The trip was planned for two days and one night but was delayed a little when I took charge at my new job at The Job and was expected to run an open house on the day. But a night and a day was probably enough. I wrote a lot about this trip here, so I wont go on and on, but I packed in as much as I possibly could have. Next time… I’m going to a wax museum, just cause.


I wrote a full blog about Gallagher Gate as well, which you can read here. Every year K and J and I go to her family’s property in Virginia and we always have a great time. We always go the first weekend of November when the leaves are changing and it’s definitely jacket weather but still rather nice that far south. This year we’re planning on a trip in the spring, which will be a change, but probably a good one. First off because it’s sooner rather than later, but also because it will give a new perspective on the place. I’ve never been when the trees were full and thriving. Given it’s status as idyllic getaway one would think sunny warm weather could only be a good thing. Plus we might not have to run up a fortune in electric heating.


My sister lives in Chicago so I am there all the time. And by all the time I mean like twice a year, sometimes more, but usually twice a year. I like Chicago because it’s a city, it’s close, and there’s a lot of stuff to do there. Just like there’s a lot of stuff to do in most cities. There are good restaurants and good theatre and good museums. But the main reason why I go there is because I like to get away from the city where I already live every once in awhile. I’ve never been to Chicago in the summer, which I’m told is a mistake, but it’s generally for one reason or another so… there’s that. This year I’m definitely going in the summer. This particular trip to Chicago was extra fun because a few friends from camp have moved there and pretty much been ingrained into my sister’s life. So when I visit her I get to visit them as well. It’s like a three for one. I didn’t go to any museums (I’ve seen them all!) and I didn’t do any heavy duty shopping (just the American Girls store for Christmas gifts for the littles) but I ate some really great food and I hung out with some pretty great people. Which is all I was really asking for.

JanuaryNew York State

For New Years my friend D and I went to visit our friend A in Beacon, New York. It had been awhile since I’d seen A because she moved away from where I was living quite a few years ago. Actually, before she moved I only knew her for several months, but I think we became pretty good friends in that time. I visited once for her wedding, but weddings are hard visiting times because people are so completely busy. So, it was nice to go see her again. In that time she’s had two kids. So… it’s been awhile. Traveling with D can be pretty much a nightmare because he’s so disorganized, but those who know him have to love him so it’s worth it. We set out on New Years eve and arrive at around six that night, just in time to go to a children’s New Years concert near Woodstock, which was actually adorable. After that it was to a grown up party where I couldn’t party too much because I was a dumb ass and got drunk then sober at the kid’s thing. I toasted the New Year trying not to vomit at the look of champagne. One would think that’d be a bad time, but no, it was still pretty fun. The whole thing was a mellow good time, thrifting and exploring far more of the area than I would have expected. It was the perfect end to my challenge.

Five months of traveling somewhere each month is actually pretty impressive as far as I’m concerned. Especially given the fact that I often work weekends. I’d like to continue this trend, but it’s difficult. I don’t make a lot of money and I don’t have a lot of time. Still, I’d like to keep going places I’ve never been and re-see things I have. Just, logistically, maybe not quite as much.


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