Weekly Crush.

Jason Bateman

How You Know Him:

The only reason I saw The Switch, Extract, and Couples Retreat (in which is character made charts!). Also, Juno. Oh, and he played Thomas Jane’s brother in Cameron Diaz and Christina Applegate vehicle, The Sweetest Thing and was totally my favorite character, due to his being completely ridiculous. And of course I can’t forget Teen Wolf Too. But mostly Arrested Development where he played wayward son, Michael, of the highly dysfunctional Bluth family.

Why He’s Crushworthy:

I read a book recently, I can’t for the life of me remember what it was or what the circumstances were, but throughout the story the main character kept using Jason Bateman as her paradigm of crushworthiness. I remember thinking it was a little odd. He’s famous, to be sure, but this book took place… I can’t even remember when, and she was speaking of him as her high school crush. It was then that I realized he sort of has had two careers. Doing various sitcoms in the eighties and now. Most people either burn and fade away or keep burning throughout. It’s sort of rare to have a resurgence, but he sort of managed it. Of course, I don’t imagine the star of Teen Wolf Too is going to be as popular as the star of Teen Wolf, but you know what I mean. I was watching something at my best friend K’s house, probably Arrested Development when I said something about crushing on Jason Bateman and she scrunched her nose and said “Really?” but then quickly recanted with a quick, “No, I can see it, he’s your type”. And he totally is, in a lot of ways. I try to be all encompassing in my Weekly Crushes but I have to admit; I have a type. I have a type so hard that Co-Worker C recently dated someone that was apparently close enough to my type for her to remark that she feels like she should pass him along because “there can’t be that many out there!” I’ve listed my boyfriend qualifications before, and I think a lot of people think there can’t be that many out there, but there are; they just don’t talk to girls. I also have this problem, you can probably understand by reading the list, with celebrity crushes. I need to know a personality. I struggled with this particular crush because I wasn’t entirely sure why it is that I find him appealing. He’s funny, to be sure, he plays characters that are generally amusing and well rounded, and he plays them well. He also plays rat bastards pretty well. But I know absolutely nothing about his personality. And, alternatively, it’s not any one of his characters that I’m particularly smitten with. He certainly looks the part of my type, but my type generally has a lot more to do with personality or character choices that anything else. Conundrum? Perhaps. But like my mother once said sometimes you just find people appealing. And I suppose that’s what’s going on here. Although, I would have totally leap upon him in The Switch because he was sufficiently socially awkward and generally negative. And while I like a little positivity in other people, I can’t help giggling at negativity every once in awhile. The thing my family has never understood about me; I find negativity funny. Most of the time. And besides, he was involved in one of the best shows ever, so there’s always that.


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One Response to Weekly Crush.

  1. Nasim says:

    OMG I totally understad! he is so my type as well. and so far they dont seem to be a lot of them out there…

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