Weekly Crush.

Simon from Misfits

Sometimes for my Weekly Crush I can’t help but use the characters they play rather than the actors who play them. For this particular one I couldn’t rightfully say my crush was Iwan Rheon because I’ve never heard of him or seen him in anything besides Misfits. It should be obvious by now that I have some very strange crushes. A lot of my Weekly Crushes consist of people I find fascinating that particular week rather than the more traditional definition of the word. That’s not really the case here because over the course of the second series Simon has become more and more someone I would totally leap upon.

Misfits is a British show on the channel E4 about a group of young offenders who are working off their community service doing jobs at the community centre. Then, of course, because that wouldn’t have been interesting enough for the plot of TV show, there’s a freak electrical storm which they get caught in and all gain super powers. Most of which coincide to what they subconsciously want. Because Simon is lonely and feels ignored his power is invisibility. [The others are immortality, telepathy, rewinding time, and a sort of… attracting near violent attention by touch.] But this is not the story of a bunch of superheroes, this is the story of a bunch of criminal teenagers who get superpowers and don’t particularly do super things with them. It’s them dealing with, abusing, and exploiting their powers. It’s a little dark and probably more realistic than any other route.

Simon was probably my type right off the bat, in a couple of ways at least. He’s a bit weird, outcast, and clearly socially awkward. Which are all things that generally attract me, for better or worse. But there was something about him I couldn’t help but feel wasn’t right about him. Like… he was too weird, too outcast, and too socially awkward.

It’s really series two when Simon becomes awesome. While he grows and matures as a character through series one he’s really nothing to write home about. He remains… sort of weird and withdrawn in way that’s almost violent. But then in series two the group is continually followed by a masked individual who specializes in backflips and ninja skills. Simon takes a far more proactive role in discovering the identity of this individual, taking some intiative, which is ironic because [SPOILER ALERT] the individual turn out to be himself from the future, travelled back somehow in order to make sure certain things turn out the way their supposed to. I will not get into paradoxes and all that confusion, because that’s not the point here. The introduction of these elements changed Simon’s character drastically. He goes from a lonely weirdo to romantic lead when one of the female characters discovers the identity of the masked man and fall in love with him, confusing her in her feelings for the Simon she already knows. Well, I’m right there with you, Alisha, because we’re shown an older, more confident Simon who is definitely, well, crushworthy. And of course because its how things always work out, future Simon shines a new sort of light on current Simon, like the audience sees just how much he’s capable of. He’s the one of the group (the so-called ASBO Five) who doesn’t want to go public with his powers for monetary gain and it becomes increasingly obvious that he’s the hero of the piece. Which from the first series when he’s killing their probation officer when she’s getting too close to their secret (a fact that’s slightly more justified than I just made it sound) is not all that expected.


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