Things That Make Me Happy (Part Four)

Piers. For some reason I’ve always been a really big fan of piers, and continually lament the fact that I don’t live anywhere near one. Pictured above is Brighton Pier, which… I have never seen despite the fact that I continually pretend I have.  I could have chosen any number of piers and there really is no reason why Brighton is the one pictured, because I think the pier I’m most personally aquainted with is of the Navy variety in Chicago. But still, I always tend to love of things I’m least familiar with so there we have it. Until they build the Cleveland Pier I’ll have to make do.


Klipspringer. I hadn’t ever heard of this animal before this past summer at the zoo. K and J and I went on a free Monday. It seems like the past few times I’ve been to the zoo all the animals were on strike. Besides the ever present giraffe and a rhinoceros penis that could have been a waggly fifth leg, there wasn’t much else to write home about. But at the zoo I rarely need anything spectacular, I just like strolling around seeing the animals. So when we got to monkey island I wasn’t horribly surprised to see, well, no monkeys, but I was surprised to see a small goat like creature standing completely still. It was small, it was adorable, it was the Klipspringer, which means, literally, “rock jumper” in Afrikaans. It’s related to the antelope but is much smaller and frequents the Cape of Good Hope. But it’s its stoic adorableness that made me happy. I mean, really, look at him!


Tidal island towns. I’ve never been to either of the tidal islands pictured above. I’m not sure I’ve ever been to any tidal island, but I have bedroom traveled to both these places extensively. Ironically enough, or perhaps not coincidentally, both these tidal islands are named after the same Saint. Mont Saint-Michel is in France, out in the salt flats of Normandy. The Abbey is the centerpiece, clearly, but even now this island has a population of forty-one. And probably at least forty of them work in the tourism industry. Saint Michael’s Mount, the similarly monikered English version is off the Cornwall coast and can be reached at low tide by a sort of brick and stone pathway. Both islands were given to the Benedictine by Edward the Confessor so I suppose the fact that they have the same name isn’t all that surprising, but it’s not very creative. Still, beautiful, and another testament to the fact that human beings will never stop exploring until they’ve settled everywhere. A fact that I find fascinating rather than invasive.


When people get really upset over things that their kids probably wouldn’t have noticed, but sure as hell do now because they’re all up in arms. I don’t remember, when I was a kid watching Sesame Street, ever even noticing that there were breasts. I certainly wouldn’t be concentrating on overly large and exposed ones when there was a rousing song being played at the same time. I understood entertainment in ways that parents never do. This is one that I’ll never get, parents getting upset over boobs made this way bigger news than anything else, and probably got their kids’ attention too. I know I never would have watched the video if scandal wasn’t attached. Congratulations to Sesame Street for getting more attention than you have in years. Plus, well Katy Perry’s music makes me happy too. As does this amusing picture.


Original Alice illustrations by John Tenniel. It doesn’t matter how many incarnations Alice in Wonderland or Through the Looking Glass get; the original is always the best. Alice isn’t particularly cute, the Hatter doesn’t look like Johnny Depp, and the they’re not in hand drawn animated glory. They’re classic and whimsical and pretty much just perfect for the story that’s being told. Besides, I just love old things.


Nannerpuss is probably the best fake commercial that’s ever graced the small screen. It’s for Denny’s Grand Slam and is supposed to be showing us a ridiculous breakfast so that we’ll want the reasonable, tasty, Grand Slam. But, if I went to a restaurant and Nannerpus was on the menu, I know what I’d order. It has a mustache, and googly eyes. Come on.

Crocheted Nannerpuss is probably on my Christmas list.


This coal mine in South Africa. I couldn’t really imagine that there could be so many colors in the ground. It’s strange that something that’s likely destroying the earth could be so beautiful.


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