Weekly Crush.

Ksenia Solo

How You Know Her:

As Zoey Jones in Canadian teen drama Renegadepress.com, as the best friend and partner is foster care to the lead character in Life Unexpected, as the cheeky sidekick to crime fighting succubus, Bo, on Lost Girl, and as some sort of ballerina in Darren Aronofsky’s Black Swan, a role I can’t describe more accurately because the damn movie isn’t out in Cleveland yet.

Why She’s Crushworthy:

I wasn’t aware of this Latvian, by way of Canada, actress until very recently when it became clear that I was watching her not once, but twice a week, on Life Unexpected and Lost Girl. This was a fact that I wasn’t quite aware of until I looked it up because in both roles she’s completely different. If I were to attempt to find comparisons it wouldn’t be impossible. Both characters are out on their own, or have been, from a young age and both have fairly troubled presents; however, Kenzi (her role on Lost Girl) is a somewhat hyper, gothic, twenty-something, pickpocket who helps a succubus solve problems for members of the fae, while Tasha (Life Unexpected) has been in and out of foster care her whole life and is desperately trying to be a normal teenager despite terrible circumstances, and is sixteen. She’s somehow completely believable in both roles.

While the first time I came across Ms. Solo was in Life Unexpected I didn’t start to think her completely awesome until Lost Girl. This isn’t particularly surprising because I’m rather a big fan of strong female characters. And while I wouldn’t exactly describe Kenzi in the “butt kicking babe” category, she’s definitely a strong personality. Witty, self satisfying, and not very easily shocked. Existing mainly on the fringes of society with her stitched up clothes, thick bangs, and thicker skin; Kenzi’s definitely my sort of character. You know, the sort of person you wish you could be. She’s also primarily the comic relief in a show that’s already sort of funny in a main character sucks men’s sexual energy sort of way.

In the end it probably comes down to versatility, while I love her on one show and like her on another, I’m more impressed that she’s able to pull both roles off.


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2 Responses to Weekly Crush.

  1. Don says:

    Wait ’till you see her in ‘Black Swan’! Small part, but she’s still awesome.
    You like foreign horror films? Did you see ‘Rare Exports’ this Christmas Season? How about ‘Let the Right One In’? Those were the two best FF I saw this year.

    • ladylinzi says:

      I can’t wait to see Black Swan, it’s criminal that I haven’t yet. I love horror films and I love foreign films so when the two are added together, yes, I’m a fan. I saw Let The Right One In about a year and a half ago at a free screening at my local theatre. I knew nothing about it walking in, but LOVED it. I’ve not heard of Rare Exports, but I’ll look it up. Thanks!

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