Weekly Crush.

Lyndsy Fonseca

How You Know Her:

Sitting on a couch listening to a very long tale as Ted Mosby’s daughter on How I Met Your Mother, as Dave Lizewski’s crush in Kick-Ass, and as the butt kicking double agent, Alex, in the CW’s Nikita.

Why She’s Crushworthy:

I found myself, halfway through Kick-Ass wondering who this actress was and why she looked so damned familiar. I never figured it out in the movie because the reality was that while  I had seen her, plenty of times, at the beginning and sometimes end of How I Met Your Mother every week, I just hadn’t ever seen her standing up. As Unnamed Daughter Mosby, Lyndsy Fonseca doesn’t really have all that much to do. She just sort of sits there with her brother (who I didn’t realize for about a year was Justin Russo off Wizards of Waverly Place, either) listening to a story that neither one of them seems all that interested to hear. But I liked her in Kick-Ass, she was sort of funny, but tough, in a very natural way and I couldn’t help but keep an eye out for her. So I was pleased when the CW announced their casting for the latest remake of Luc Besson’s original Nikita, that she was among the cast.

Now let me just gush about Nikita for a moment. I knew off the bat that I’d like this show. It’s right up my alley. I like stories about women who kick a little ass. Buffy used to be my favorite television show, loved Alias, all that stuff. Also, I’ma fan of the original movie, as well as the American remake, Point of No Return. Ironically enough, I never watched the first series, La Femme Nikita, and while I tried when I got into this new incarnation I just couldn’t get past the changes in storyline and obvious nineties cliches. Maybe someday. I knew I’d like Nikita, but I what new they could possibly bring to this rehashed story. I was wrong on this account. In this version of the story of a drug addict to kills a police officer, receives a death sentence, and is instead recruited into a secret government agency that grooms her to become an assassin; Nikita has escaped Division (said government agency) after they killed the man she loved, and now she’s working to bring them down. Fonseca plays Nikita’s ally. A former sex slave then junkie who was rehabbed by the titular character and inserted into the right conditions to be recruited by Division, but withstand their brainwashing. Now Alex works from the inside, feeding Nikita information in order to take the agency apart. The addition of Alex to the story really works for me. It makes the character of Nikita (brilliantly portrayed by Hong Kong action star and Mission Impossible: III actress, Maggie Q) more believable. She’s been trained to be amazing, but she’s not superwoman, a mistake I think is made far too often. Alex shows Nikita’s nurturing side, never pushing Alex to do what she can’t do, and shows the audience that Nikita needs help. But Alex is not solely in existence to enhance the character of Nikita. Alex is her own woman. She has had some terrible things happen to her in her short life, and is running with her second chance. She’s always aware of what’s going on around her and while she’s eager to bring down the agency she believes killed her family she’s patient and cunning of her own right. Also, she’s vulnerable. Inside Division she’s made friends, even though she was keenly aware she shouldn’t. She recognizes everyone around her as victims, troubled and scared in their past lives, and now given a new chance with a new glamorous life, so long as their willing to kill for it. And what choice do they have? By the time Division explains what they intend of their recruits, they have a choice between kill or be killed. The role of Alex is a complex one, perhaps more complex than Nikita herself, with a wide variety of emotions at any given time, but Lyndsy Fonseca steps into the role with aplomb and offers up a serving of collected intelligence along with a side of sexy. Now that’s the way I like my butt kicking babes.


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