Sunday Confessional.

Welcome to the segment where Lindsay tells the world humiliating information about herself. Generally relating to her likes and dislikes, and sometimes other things.


I have a confession to make; I like Hannah Montana.

Sometimes I pass off this addiction as “something I watch every now and again when there’s nothing on” or “I have young sisters”. But the truth is that I’ve never watched Hannah Montana with my sisters and I never watch TV when there’s nothing on because I DVR everything. Including Hannah Montana. In fact, I haven’t missed an episode since the beginning, give or take a few in the third season when I was moving and/or didn’t have a television. What’s worse is that I like the music. Cheesy, classic bubblegum. I have all the CDs from every single season, including the movie (which was surprisingly similar to Hannah Montana 3), and I actually listen to them. Sometimes a song or two even creeps onto one of the bi-monthly mixes I make for K.

While I don’t accept the idea that there could be someone reading this blog (being internet savvy, and all that) who’s never heard of Hannah Montana, I do concede that it’s possible there are a few who aren’t up on the plot. So, in brief: Miley Stewart is your ordinary teenage girl. She lives with her father and brother in Malibu, California, goes to school, and has two best friends; Lily and Oliver. She’s a little bit spastic, mildly hyper, and wildly disorganized. Which is all the more surprising given that Miley’s got a double life. By day she’s ordinary but by night she’s international pop sensation Hannah Montana. No one but Miley’s inner circle know that Hannah was invented solely so that Miley could have a normal adolescence. Of course, there’s the bad puns, crazy antics, and many mishaps that could only come from a Disney story about someone with a double life.

So why do I find any of this appealing? It seems that my jaded self should find it to be both droll and even annoying. But short fact is that I don’t. It’s stupid, juvenile, and zany to a fault, not to mention that I am, beyond a doubt, far too old to enjoy a kids show, but I just can’t help tuning in to each new episode. What can I say? Sometimes a girl just needs a little cheese.

But here’s the thing; sometimes I just want to watch something that doesn’t require anything of me. I’ve often considered this sort of brainlessness to come in Gossip Girl or One Tree Hill shaped packages, and to a degree, they do. But with constant scheming in the former and the entire cast of the latter acting as fully functioning adults, sometimes I need something a little more frivolous. And there’s not much more frivolous than Miley and pals.

No matter how old I grow, I still have that need sometimes to just be a kid. Laugh at very stupid jokes. And remember when, at the end of the day, it always came down to doing the right thing. Adult life is complicated, harsh, and confusing. I don’t think there’s anything that wrong with wanting to take a thirty minute vacation.


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