Weekly Crush.

I apologize to all of my very few readers for my lack of Weekly Crush segment yesterday. But, you see, I had a choice to make. I worked until three o’clock and then I could either do my Weekly Crush or I could go see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. The choice was clear. But also, I was having a hard time this week concentrating on anything else besides this movie coming out. I could think of very little else, I was a little bit nervous in anticipation… you know, all that stuff that’s sort of like a crush. So this week my Weekly Crush is not on a person or character, or even group. This week it’s on a movie, or… franchise of movies really. And books. Oh, you get the point.

This is also a depature from my usual format, so it would seem. The regular will be back next week, but in the mean time I’m going to celebrate all things Potter. Particularly, however, this latest film, as it’s the most fresh in my mind. And the rich tones of the movie stills almost make me want to frame them and stick them up around my bedroom.

1) Friendship

You know you care when you’re willing to drink polyjuice potion to look like your friend, who’s being hunted down by a group of black clad, banshee wailing, baddies.

2) Fashion

Wizards dress like they’re from another time. Not like… the Victorian era or anything, though you wouldn’t be surprised to see a frock here or there. In normal, ordinary, mixing in with the muggles days they still tend to dress like they’re from the seventies. With that sort of brown tint to everything. And it’s awesome.

3) Architecture

Could this much impracticality stand in the real world? Literally no. I’m pretty sure both the Hollow and Luna’s house would fall down without a little magical aide. But the all their houses are so whimsically charming!

4) Scenery

With the lead characters appariting and disappariting all over Great Britain it’s hard not to get some gorgeous scenery, and director David Yates doesn’t miss the opportunity to get in some amazing location shots.

5) Genuine Danger

A lot of stories that are geared towards the younger set are too chicken shit to make characters that people may have liked die (I am looking straight at you Doctor Who). Since her fourth book J.K. Rowling never had that problem, and the story is the better for it. Character deaths lend weight and matter to the story, so long as their done right. And there’s not a character in any Harry Potter story that doesn’t die with some meaning. Except for Hedwig, that was bullshit.

6) Ambiance

I’m sorry, but this still is just completely awesome. I love the feel of pretty much all these films, even when the characters were little and everything was Christmas and cocoa, with a little danger thrown in. Things are dark now, dark and misty, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Without being told, we’re shown that magic is wonderful and amazing, the sort of things that people wish for, but it can also be hard, cold, dark, and dangerous.


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