Shameless Promotion of Both Myself and Other People.

Go read my review of The Ghost in the Invisible Bikini on The B Movie Brigade.

My blogging has been sporadic this week because I’m working on a piece I’ve entitled Leftovers: A Story of Loss. Which is basically about the pain everyone’s experienced at least once in their lives when they leave their perfectly wrapped leftovers at the table in the restaurant. I may or may not read it out loud at this:

Which was created by J. The flyer was designed by K. They’re both pretty fabulous. But, if you’re in the Cleveland area you should come because even if Leftovers don’t get a read then you’re still bound to hear something by J. And others. And if not you can always just smoke cigarettes with your hoodie and glasses like the hiptastic fellow in that picture K drew.

What’s actually amusing here is the fact that I decided to plug this shit before I read J’s post, which is pretty much the same, but also tells of the outrageous people living in Cleveland Heights. God I love this suburb.


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