Halloween & My Quest for the Perfect Jacket

I might have mentioned I love Halloween.

But, the thing about Trick or Treating is this; it’s a bargain. Kids dress up and walk around saying “Trick or Treat”, this is their end. An end they need to uphold in order for the person at the door to uphold their end. Which is, of course, giving the kids candy. I’ve just noticed, the past couple of years that I’ve been handing out candy on Halloween that there are a ridiculous amount of kids that simply don’t dress up at all. One girl, about thirteen I’d say, came in jeans and a hoody. As I stood there, trying to be festive in my random top hat, I had to finally ask what she was.

She sort of stared with an expression of ugh-this-idiot, cocked her head in that sassy manner and said, “I’m a teenager in a recession.”

It’s a decent excuse I suppose.  No one’s going to try and refute the fact that they can’t afford a costume. But, I’m sorry, creativity doesn’t cost anything. When I was little I went one year as Clarissa from Clarissa Explains It All. That costume sucked. I mean, I looked like her and everything, except for my obvious mousy brown hair as opposed to Melissa Joan Hart’s blonde, but no one knew who I was supposed to be. And I didn’t really blame them. The costume was for me, because I liked that show and that was who I wanted to be. I didn’t particularly care that no one was going to know who I was dressed as. They were pretty much just my clothes picked in a fashion that emulated Clarissa Darling. It didn’t cost anything. And, seriously, if the Recession Teenager had told me she was supposed to be freaking Bella Swan (boringest costume ever) I would have accepted it. It’s the lack of caring that’s sort of dismaying. By rights, since she’s not fulfilling her end of the bargain I should probably have refused her candy. But, I guess I’m too nice, cause she got a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup along with the rest of the princesses and way too many Iron Men.

I don’t know, I like the dressing up. I like coming up with the right costume and getting the pieces together. This year my costume was not all that complicated. Well, it was and it wasn’t. It wasn’t because it involved only a few pieces, many of which I already had at home. And it was because the one item I didn’t have was completely impossible to find. Basically I needed a men’s tail coat. And not the new school prom sort, I needed the old fashioned sort. Now I could have clearly just said fuck it and bought some sort of generic black men’s jacket, but for some reason I am completely unable to do that. Costumes, for me, have to be as perfect as they can  possibly be. I have to inhabit the person I’m dressing up as. So, after my preliminary sweep of the Unique Thrift Store, when I bought my shoes and shirt, I spent (literally) hours on the internet trying to find a comparable jacket. It really didn’t happen. I found eighteenth century jackets, pirate jackets, wedding jackets, skimpy lady jackets, tiny jackets, big jackets, jackets with eight thousand buttons, jackets with no buttons, five million jackets and nothing that was quite right. At least not that I found. Of course there’s the perfect jacket in the costume room at camp. And of course camp is ten hours away. So after visiting the Halloween store, for spray on white paint for my cat and black face paint for myself, and unsurprisingly finding nothing there I headed back to the Unique. I ended up ripping the shit out of and sewing back together a thrift store find and making it look pretty decent against the paunchy linebacker it had formerly made me look like. That was finished about one half hour before it was time to go. In the end I think the whole thing came out pretty decently:

And costumes are always so much more fun with friends. So here’s Harpo and Karl:

And because I’m a crazy cat lady in the making here is Pyewacket dressed as Pepe LePew. She wasn’t a fan.

A lot of people get sort of down in February. I agree. It’s the worst month of the year, but one of the major reasons for the depression is that the holidays have just passed. I get the same way about Halloween. It’s over again for another year and I no longer have an excuse to scare myself and act like the fool. It’s a good thing my birthday is in two weeks or else I’d really be in trouble.

Christmas is warm and friendly. Thanksgiving is pretty similar. Easter is… well, boring. I don’t know, Halloween is the only holiday that’s just fun. And maybe that’s why I love it so well.


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2 Responses to Halloween & My Quest for the Perfect Jacket

  1. Sus says:

    You always were the best at designing costumes! Love it! – Iris

  2. jeannine520 says:

    Halloween is my favorite holiday too. I tend to obsess over my costumes and house decorating. I spend months planning, collecting the items and putting together the appropriate sound track for our party. This year we had a victorian graveyard with funeral going on outside complete with a suicide bride and a wake inside. Last year it was a salem witch hunt, pillory , tree hangings and witch torturing devices. Halloween is too much fun, it shouldn’t be limited it to one day a year.

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