Weekly Crush.

Jon Hamm

How You Know Him:

He plays Don Draper, duh.

Why He’s Crushworthy:

K is fond of saying that I have a type. And she’s right. There was a time in my life when I was positive I didn’t. I was an equal opportunity crusher. That is… someone who has crushes, though it just sort of sounds like I’m walking around crushing people like I’m Godzilla’s right foot or something. Anyway, I have a type. Jon Hamm is not it. He probably could be if he became clumsy, jumbled up sentences, and put on a pair of glasses, but in generally he’s not really my type. He’s a little suave. And he plays someone who’s a lot suave.

Don Draper is probably one of the most interesting characters that’s come along on television in a good long time. He’s a very complex character with secrets and contradictions. He has mood swings, he has major flaws, and he has a string of women that would wind around the offices of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce probably a couple times. I’m not sure he’s been faithful to any woman, but he remains fiercely loyal to pretty much all of them. I could probably go on, but what’s the point? If you haven’t watched Mad Men, then it’s your loss, because you’re missing something great. And if you have watched it then you already know what I’m talking about because Don Draper, and Jon Hamm as an extension, defies types. He’s designed that way.

But this isn’t one of those situations where I’m enamored of the character and thus the actor too. I can’t really see myself falling for someone like Draper, and I genuinely think Jon Hamm is awesome. He’s one of those actors you’re so used to seeing one way that it sort of startles you how flawlessly he transforms into someone else. Plus, he’s pretty funny as Liz Lemon’s dumb-as-bricks ex-boyfriend on 30 Rock. He’s endlessly self-parodying and clearly up for anything because there is also this:

Which was easily one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen on Saturday Night Live. You can watch the Digital Short here to see Hamm as greased up crazy sexy sax man Sergio. It’s worth it. Seriously, how can you not love a man who’s willing to do that?


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