Weekly Crush.

Rilo Kiley

How You Know Them:

Because you don’t live under a rock. Because you may have gone to college. Because Jenny Lewis has gone to the Juliana Hatfield school of career movements.

Why They’re Crushworthy:

I like Jenny Lewis a lot. I have her solo albums, I quite like Jenny & Johnny but I like Rilo Kiley better.

The thing I like about music is how it makes you remember just exactly how you felt the first time you heard a song that meant something to you. Like David Bowie’s cover of “Waiting for the Man” always reminds me of the exit I would take to visit K at Ohio University. And “Eleanor Rigby” is the car wash on Park Avenue West in Mansfield by the movie theatre is that’s crappier than the crappy one. Rilo Kiley reminds me more of a time. The fourth year I was at Ohio State I moved into my first apartment without a roommate. I read in some magazine about this band that had this new CD coming out and decided to check it out. The band was Rilo Kiley and the disc was More Adventurous. I dutifully went on Limewire and downloaded a song. That was “Teenage Love Song”, just in case you wanted to know. The point is I adored them.

And why are they my weekly crush now? Pretty much, I spent the last week or so driving around and relistening to the majority of their catalog. Minus Under the Blacklight, which I like but don’t love. The thing is, after all these years, six of them, I still love the music as much as I did the first time around. I think the lyrics are clever and ambiguous and just pretty much everything I sort of imagine lyrics should be.


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