I Couldn’t Think of a Better Title So We’ll Go With “Oh, Canada”

So I just got home from Niagara Falls. And by “just” I mean Sunday. You’ll hear more about that later when I have the time. Today, in honor of my recent trip, I’m listing a few of the best things about our neighbor to the north.

1) Fefe Dobson

I came across this singer years ago. I’m weird about music, I scour the internet, magazines, iTunes, whatever, for new music. I especially like music that other people don’t really know about. It’s not a “I feel superior” thing, really. I just like finding new music. I think she was supposed to be billed as sort of an Avril Lavigne type. She plays that sort of rocky pop stuff and was not very successful. Still, I think she’s pretty damn good. I like a lot of music but sometimes I just want a fun sound. Fefe’s that. Her first disc, self titled, came out in 2003 and sparked a few songs that you might have heard in random not very good movies. Sunday Love, her second CD was scrapped by the studio. I thought it was an improvement over the first. Joy, her third album, second released, in due out soon. Providing they don’t push it back again.

2) Being Erica

I pretty much love this show. Unsurprisingly, really, because when I read the plot synopsis I knew it would be up my alley. This is the story of Erica Strange. Erica is thirty-something, just been dumped, just been fired, and mourning what she thinks should have been her life. She has a list of regrets a mile long and she’s convinced that if she could go back and change things then her life would have turned out better. Enter Dr. Tom, a therapist who literally sends her back in time to relive those moments. It goes down about the way you would imagine it to. She learns things about herself and her friends but never really changes anything. And of course she learns that her life really isn’t so bad after all and that living in the moment may be better than worrying about the future or dwelling in the past. It’s on it’s third season on CBC, and SOAPnet show it in the United States. You have no excuse.

3) Lights

Another singer from Canada who I adore. She hails from Timmins, Ontario and sings sort of a synthy pop sound. She also has really true lyrics, which is always a plus for me. I like lyrics that correspond to how I’m feeling, and Lights always seems to be on the same sort of wavelength. A lot of music of her style (read: synthy pop) doesn’t really mean much. It’s made for dancing, not for listening and understanding. Lights has both and that’s the way I like it. Her first album was an EP named after herself, followed by a full length, The Listening. I honestly don’t know how popular she is but she’s on her seventh single (an ode to winter called ‘My Boots’) and is working on a new album a year after her first disc. She also seems genuinely nice, I follower her on Twitter and she seems so grateful for her fans. Those are the sorts of people I like to be fans of.

4) Stars of Degrassi That Are Now on CW Shows

If you don’t know what Degrassi is then I have to sort of find you ridiculous. In a bad way. But I suppose I’ll let it slide since you obviously read the stupid stuff that I put up on the internet. Anyway, it’s what amounts to an educational soap opera for tweens and teens, showing the different problems people have and pretty much warning Canadian youth away from them. It started in the eighties with Degrassi Junior High and is now on it’s second generation. I’m pretty sure that very few, if any, of the original new generation cast members are still on the show but they live on. At the CW.

Shenae Grimes cracked me up on Degrassi because her character was such an goody two shoes. Of course, since it’s Degrassi I’m pretty sure she was raped and then got on drugs or something. But she started out as a Christian good-girl who wouldn’t sleep with her boyfriend cause it was wrong. Now she plays Annie Wilson on 90210. I love it when people I know from something random crop up on something else. And when 90210 started up again with it’s new generation I walked around calling Shenae Darcy for about six months. I guess I’m over that now that 90210 is in its third season, but Ms. Grimes will probably always be Darcy to me, at least a little.

And then one year after 90210 started with a former Degrassi star The Vampire Diaries came out with yet another. Nina Dobrev used to play teen mom, Mia, on the Canadian teen soap. We’d dealt with getting pregnant and getting an abortion, we’d dealt with getting pregnant and giving it up for adoption, so it was only natural that eventually we’d need to explore the third option. Mia went to school all day while her family took care of her baby and was a nurturing mother by might. Cause… that’s how it always works out. She got involved with regular cast member J.T. almost immediately only to have him be literally stabbed in the back while pretty much getting back together with his ex Liberty, who he’d impregnated a little bit ago. I didn’t watch much longer after that cause I realized I was getting a little too old to be addicted to Degrassi, but I’m sure her story had more twists and turns later on. Several years later she cropped up again playing Elena Gilbert and Katherine Pierce on The Vampire Diaries. So what if Elena’s supposed to a porcelain skinned blonde with stunning blue eyes? She looks way more like Bella Swan this way. In all seriousness though, I like Dobrev, I think she’s great at Elena, and I think The Vampire Diaries is melodramatic in all the ways that Twilight isn’t (read: good).


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