Weekly Crush.

Emma Stone

How You Know Her:

As Jonah Hill’s crush in Superbad, bassist in movie-I-only-saw-cause-it-took-place-in-Cleveland The Rocker, one of the girls in the unpopular sorority despite their above average hotness levels in The House Bunny, gun toting post apocalyptic dweller in Zombieland, and rumor inducing Olive in Easy A.

Why She’s Crushworthy:

There are several reasons why Emma Stone gets to be my crush of the week. The most prominent being, probably, that I finally saw Easy A a couple weeks ago and while I considered her that week I ultimately decided against her. But as I ruminate that movie really doesn’t get any less clever. Okay, so what if my favorite part involved Penn Badgley dressed up as various mascots and pretending to chew a log with overgrown cloth woodchuck teeth, but so what. What made the movie was its star, and Emma Stone managed to make it funny and smart at the same time. And that’s a mix I can get behind.

But what really pushed her over the edge was the fact that this week she was officially cast as Gwen Stacy in this new Spider-man remake. Reboot. Whatever. I was really hoping they’d use Gwen Stacy for this one due to her incredible awesomeness, and I think Emma Stone’s a great choice. Even if she’s generally ginger. A little blonde hair dye and a black headband and she’s good to go. She’s also currently filming The Help, which was an incredible book that I read while laid up with a kidney stone for days upon painful days. It’s about black maids in the sixties who work for white families in Jackson, Mississippi, cooking, cleaning, and raising children. Okay, so Ms. Stone’s character is supposed to be tall, angular, and have frizzy hair, I think she’s a brilliant choice.

She’s a young female star who’s doing it right, and in this day and age that’s sort of rare.


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