Weekly Crush.

Charlie Day

How You Know Him:

As illiterate, cat food eating, shit work doing, co-owner of Paddy’s Pub, Charlie Kelly on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and as pretty much the same character in Drew Barrymore/Justin Long vehicle Going the Distance (ie. the reason I saw the movie).

Why He’s Crush Worthy:

I’ll be honest here, I know nothing about this dude except that he’s married to the chick who plays the Waitress on Sunny. Generally, in that situation I accept the fact that I have a crush on the character and not the actor. I struggled with this for several whole minutes, but then decided in the end that the difference is really probably not all that great. And while Charlie Kelly lives in a rat infested apartment with so many screeching cats outside that he has to eat a bunch of cat food so he feels sick, then huff a bunch of glue so he passes out in order to get some sleep at night, I figure that Charlie Day probably does not. Which is generally a check mark in one direction over the other. The main reason why he’s crushworthy, though, is of course because in a show that often has my rolling in the aisles I find him to be by far the funniest. Sure he’s hilarious because he spends most of the time ranting, enacting some absurdity or another, and has a piss poor sense of personal hygiene, but we’ll just let that slide.


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