Weekly Crush

Mr. Fitz

How You Know Him:

Yeah, he’s the teacher on Pretty Little Liars who’s ensconced in a romance with lead sixteen year old girl, Aria.

Why He’s Crushworthy:

I feel as though I should be slightly skeeved out by a teacher and student relationship on a channel that calls itself ABC Family, but I’m really not. At this point I suppose this storyline has played itself out over and over again to the point where we don’t even really care. As stated before in this lovely post I think they’re a really cute couple. Besides it was my summer guilty pleasure… which I am sure will become my winter guilty pleasure come January… and you need a little cheesy plot and dastardly storyline in guilty pleasures.

But okay, this has nothing to do with Mr. Fitz. Why Fitz in general? Well, he’s adorable for one. I like his floppy hair. Also, he’s an English teacher. I have a weakness for academic people. And I like books. So I suppose that speaks for itself. My co-worker T says I need to marry an English professor who wears those tweed jackets with elbow patches. I wouldn’t mind. So… he’s a little one dimensional, all the guys on this show pretty much are. They’re the Bella Swans of Pretty Little Liars, markers in which to throw imagined attributes. But that’s okay every once in awhile and maybe knowing that he writes stories, likes poetry, and can cook two dishes is enough. Maybe there’s just a little Aria in me. Or maybe it’s those cute little vests.


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2 Responses to Weekly Crush

  1. Lizze says:

    Your crush-worthy guy this week reminds me of my heart-throb, Andrew Lee Potts. <3swoon<3 I ❤ him! More importantly, only just slightly though, how have I never found your blog before???? It's genius! It's adorable! It's adorable genius! 😉 lol And I am rather woozy on Benadryl so I'm going to stop before I make an (even bigger) idiot of myself. lol

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