Urban Exploration of the Mundane [Part I]

I have always loved to explore things. When I was little I explored the four foot square of trees we called a forest until I knew every rock, stump, and piece of moss. My best friend, sister, and I spent enough time around the Shaker Lake (Lower) by my house that we discovered a “secret place” where we’d hang out. Secret because we thought we were the only ones who knew about it. In reality, if the empty beer cans were any indication, it was probably a well known spot. Now that I’ve gotten older I’ve discovered that my exploring takes place mostly from my car. If the title of this blog is any sort of indication I spend a lot of time in my car, mostly because I love driving, and I love finding new things. I’ve lived in three cities, and visited a whole lot more. The first thing I always do when I move to a new place is drive around. I think it’s the best way to get an idea of where things are. When I’m visiting a place I always try to find at least a little time to just wander. So why am I telling you, humble reader, any of this? Only because I was looking around recently and saw that there were the weirdest things right around me. Things I see everyday, but never processed. So, I’m starting a series. In installment #1 of ‘Urban Exploration of the Mudane’ I am looking at a bedroom. A bedroom of a, mostly, normal twenty-eight year old with far too much stuff. I don’t know, this might be a case study. Note: Nothing has been moved even an iota of an inch when these photos were taken.

This figurine was based, apparently, on traditional German Halloween. It was purchased at JoAnn Fabric & Craft Store around the same Holiday. The appearance of this in Subject X’s bedroom indicates an interest in the strange and kitschy. The appearance of said item Subject X’s room when it is clearly not anywhere near this holiday says she doesn’t find herself bound by times of year. Though, she would never keep the Christmas lights up year round.

A shot glass collection indicates either Subject X is a raging alcoholic or else she’s fond of nostalgically holding on to tiny pieces of places she has been. Pictured above we can see Munich, Pittsburgh, Key West, Mount Rushmore, Nantucket, and an unidentified glass on the right side. She may or may not obsessively keep tiny snow globes and crest pins of European cities.

Housed on the same shelf we can see a Japanese doll and what appears to be a Dutch girl piggy bank. The former was clearly a present from the country in question, but the later is likely a strange find from a thrift store, probably the Unique. Also, slightly visible is a Virigina is for Lovers shot glass, and one from the Winking Lizard. I am told she’s a fan of the floofy shots and cocktails they feature each month.

Several telling things are visible in this photo. First off, we have several hats. This shows a possible slight mental imbalance in Subject X, as she is clearly a fan of the ridiculous. A top hat rests below in this pile, a la that book I read when I was little about the guy selling hats who falls asleep under a tree inexplicably filled with monkeys. Circling the top hat (I’m told she once considered constantly wearing said top hat enough to be called The Girl with the Top Hat) is a paper crown from a Christmas cracker, and above that a completely awesome sixties looking number with a veil. You can slightly make out several pairs of animal ears in the background; this doesn’t bode well for the question of her sanity.

This is Clive. He’s just awesome.

The Modern Times poster over the bed displays a deep appreciation for both classic films an for the fact that Modern Times is obviously the funniest film to ever have been filmed. The wrought iron headboard speaks to the fact that she enjoys simple yet elegant things. Though it’s also possible her mother purchased this for her. You can also slightly make out a map of the island of Nantucket in the background. This is the second pictured Nantucket item. Subject X is obviously obsessed.

The fairy wings speak to the fact that she never grew up. Or else doesn’t quite want to throw them away because she figures it’s possible that she’ll need them someday and be really annoyed that she threw them away. The round red box attests to the fact that she clearly has way too much stuff and doesn’t know what to do with it. Or else she wouldn’t have shoved it plainly under a table. Finally, the gigantic bottle of Moët et Chandon doesn’t bode well for that question of her alcoholism. Or she might have rescued it from a friend who throws away everything when he moves.

Subject X keeps the majority of her books in the windows of a porch she has dubbed her “Little Room”. There are far too many of them, clearly, since she needs to keep them in the windows. Her choice of reading is rather eclectic, as we can see, ranging from Steig Larsson (along with the rest of the world) to a six hundred page history of France. In Fact shows an interest in non-fiction and Flaubert’s Parrot in light, comical, literary criticism.  The plastic deinonychus and candle show that she is out of surfaces to put her random things.

Television piled high with movies shows that she’s an avid film watcher. The VHS tape says she’s both stuck in the past, and that her DVD player has a dual VHS player. Season One of True Blood obviously proves that she has excellent taste in TV. Backwoods shows she likes really really bad horror movies, V for Vendetta proves she likes comic book things with explosions, Modern Times has already been covered, and Snow White that she has an appreciation for childish Disney stuff.

The last photo in the bunch, this mummy cat which sings ‘Who Let the Dogs Out’ in a voice that’s somewhere between Alvin & the Chipmunks and… just, something else shows that Subject X has a very cracked sense of humor. Purchased, again, at JoAnn Fabric & Craft store, this Halloween this might be the most awesomely annoying thing to ever fall, singing, off the assembly line.

Conclusion: Perhaps it’s unfair to judge, or even make a conclusion about, the personal living space of a random girl who is obviously not me. It’s clear that Subject X collects and surrounds herself with things that she likes, however kitschy or ridiculous they may be. And, I didn’t even include photos of the full collection of Star Trek pez, plastic dinosaurs, or gigantic vinyl collection. This is clearly a girl who likes stuff, she’s not a minimalist and could be considered a pack rat. Feel free to make your own conclusions based on the evidence, but I think it’s pretty clear that she’s awesome.


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2 Responses to Urban Exploration of the Mundane [Part I]

  1. kittenkaboom says:

    Yeah… I’d make that assumption.

  2. goldiesays says:

    i LOVED this post. Every second of it.

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