Things That Make Me Happy (Part Two)

Mohawk Island Lighthouse. I have never seen the Mohawk Island lighthouse and I am not sure that I’ll ever have the opportunity. I came across it during a bout of bedroom traveling through the Lake Erie islands. I’m a fan of ruined things. I’m… not sure what this says about me, but I do. Old abandoned broken things that are somehow only shades of their former glory sort of fascinate me. I’m also a big fan of lighthouses, so it’s not so difficult to understand why I’d be a fan of a ruined lighthouse. This one used to be called the Gull Island Lighthouse… you know, back when it was on Gull Island. But the name of the island changed and thus the name of the lighthouse. It was decommissioned and replaced with a lighted buoy in 1969 when shipping through the area decreased. Now the roof and lantern room are missing. The Mohawk Lighthouse Preservation Society in Lowbanks, Ontario, Canada are working to restore the light, but for now… I don’t mind it’s ruined state too much.

Amy Pond. I love Doctor Who. I think I will probably always love Doctor Who despite whatever changes come my way, and right now changes are rife. With a new showrunner, a new producer, a new Doctor, and a new companion there’s pretty much not much left from the series I’ve known over the past five years. Still, change isn’t always bad. When news came out of the new actor set to play the time traveler I was… skeptical. Mostly because he was younger than me and had hair even more ridiculous than his predecessor. But I’m not here to talk about him, I’m here to talk about Amy. When the casting photos came out of the new companion I was instantly on her side. I mean… she has red hair. And is Scottish. Now that I’ve seen two episodes I love her even more. She’s feisty, bossy, skeptical, but just as wide eyed and amazed as she should be. Make no mistake, Miss Pond can hold her own, but when being led through time and space a little following can only be expected.

The Arctic Circle. I’m not entirely sure what it is but lately I’ve been really into snow. Perhaps it’s because the city is warming up, the lake has unfrozen, and it’s no longer even jacket weather (for… well, this five minutes), but I find myself doing obsessive research into the poles. I think, like most children, when I was younger I expected the North Pole to be a candy striped barbers pole sticking out of the ground with a band of merry elves running around while taking breaks from making millions of toys. I don’t think I quite realized until this year that there isn’t any land at the Geographic North Pole. So, okay, Finland has pretty much claimed Santa’s realm as it’s own but, seriously, Greenland gets the closest. Or, excuse me, Kaffeklubben Island is. The North Pole is, however, pretty much covered in ice. You can walk where there isn’t any land. That’s a little impressive when you really think about it.

Bridges. In my previous ‘Things That Make Me Happy’ post I included Cleveland Bridges. I’m expanding that a little bit here. I am not sure why it is that I enjoy bridges so much, but I think it’s to do with the fact that they were built from necessity. Meaning, of course, wanting to get from one place to another. And then the fact that they are elegant and impressive in their functionality. There are so many different styles bridges can be made out of, so many different materials. I took this photo in Rocky River Reservation because I loved the duality of the two bridge styles next to each other. I don’t know, maybe I’m just weird. A co-worker likes to say I don’t like anything except bridges and sweater vests. Well, even she knows that’s not true, I like lots of things; but bridges are on the top of that list. I wont even get into the sweater vests.

Lakeview Cemetery. Some might consider it morbid that a cemetery makes me happy, but there are a lot of different cemeteries in the world. There are the cropped, depressing, flat tombstoned type where you imagine people doing nothing but delivering flowers to their deceased loved ones, and then there are cemeteries like Lakeview. It’s a garden cemetery, like Père Lachaise in Paris or Highgate in London, they’re designed to be parklike. Pleasant. With landscaping. Lakeview has several ponds, as well as a dam, and many hills. I’ve always love this cemetery, and when I was little I pronounced that I wanted to be buried there. I’m not sure I want to be buried anywhere these days (I’m still toying with donating my body to science) but if I am, I’d still go with Lakeview. I’d be in good company, James A. Garfield, Eliot Ness, and John D. Rockefeller are all buried there. And anyone who wanted to visit me could stop by Wade Chapel and see some Tiffany glass or the Garfield Monument and make it a rollicking good day. So, maybe it’s a little morbid, but it’s still beautiful.

Cedar Point from Marblehead. There’s nothing quite like turning a corner on a dreary day and coming face to face with an amusement park located on a jut of land. Not that it happens a lot. I took a few days off of work lately to remember who I used to be before being daily beaten back by frustration and that girl really loved to explore. I still explore, of course, but the exploring takes place a little closer to home these days. So, I decided, even though the appointed day was rainy and gross, that I was going to drive to Catawba Island. I drove around the region a bit, following a sign to the Marblehead lighthouse. I hadn’t even reached it yet when this view came out of nowhere. There’s something magical about Cedar Point for me, probably for every kid who grew up anywhere near it. It was where you begged to go every year. My first ever rollercoaster was the Corkscrew there, and I love rollercoasters. But it wasn’t until I was much older that I got the mechanics of it’s location, literally jutting out into Lake Erie. It’s sort of island like, it’s like an island of amusement park. That’s pretty awesome. And this view I just loved.

The Perry Nuclear Power Plant. I like industrial things. I especially like industrial things when they are placed next to things which are very not industrial. So… it should be too shocking that I like nuclear power plants. France uses about 80% nuclear power, this is pretty much the only thing about France that Republicans like. That’s besides the point, actually there was no point, that was just a random fact. Happy Birthday. Anyway, I remember being little and seeing the foreboding looking plant from the beach at Mentor Headlands. I’m… not entirely sure this really happened as I go to the beach all the time now and haven’t spotted it (though I have from Fairport Harbor just a hop over the Grand River). I thought it was cool, even as a child, to have a tranquil beach sat next to something as ominous as a place that creates nuclear energy. I didn’t really know what that meant back then though, and now that I do it’s not quite so ominous. Still, there it sits, two stacks breaking up the view of the beach, looking so very out of place and making me so very happy.

Whatever the hell this is. My best friend, K, sends me all sorts of ridiculous emails from work. It used to be a constant parade of LOLcats (okay, not constant, maybe… twice, but still) but now it’s things that pretty much make me howl with laughter. Like this thing. Honestly, this thing creeps me the hell out. I mean… what is it? I know it’s probably some common animal, like cat or dog or… squirrel (?), that happened to be caught on camera in a very strange position. But… come on. It looks creepy as all hell. It’s like some sort of other worldly impish creature going from one house to the other. Probably to steal and eat small children. I am throughly creeped out. And as strange as it might sound, being throughly creeped out makes me throughly happy.

The Large Hadron Collider. The first time I heard about the LHC was in Saratoga Springs. I was visiting a friend from camp and hanging out in the coffee shop where she worked until her shift was over. It being a coffee shop people pretty much came and went all day. The most interesting of which was some dude who came over and started educating us about the Large Hadron Collider being built by CERN near Geneva, Switzerland. He then proceeded to write down an equation on a napkin and give it to us before disappearing. Now, I’m sure he left of his own accord, but I swear he disappeared. Someone suggested once he might’ve been from the future. It sort of makes me wonder if I had passed on that equation to the right people maybe the LHC wouldn’t have broken down immediately after being switched on. But after that I was interested. Actually I’ve spent an embarrassing amount of time looking up information about particle colliders on the internet. But the idea is just cool. I mean, they are literally smashing atoms to try and find the building blocks of… everything and recreate what the universe would have been like directly after the Big Bang. I don’t care how many of my friend’s eyes glaze over while I talk about it, that’s cool. There was a semi-recent episode of The Big Bang Theory where Leonard was invited to CERN to see the LHC in action. He invited his girlfriend to go along and she stared at him blankly until he promised they’d go skiing as well. Okay, that might a common girl reaction to that invitation, but I still say she’s nuts.

Lisbeth Salander. Being the eponymous character of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Girl Who Played with Fire, and The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest would probably be enough to make Lisbeth Salander go on this list, but she also has the distinction of being on the most intriguing characters I have come across in a long time. There isn’t much that I can say about her, other than she’s a tattooed and pierced misfit who gets along with almost no one and has a fierce sense of right and wrong. She’s not afraid to take the law into her own hands, trusts no one with a badge, and is a computer hacker for a living. She was played in the Swedish film by Noomi Rapace. It’s not surprising that I haven’t heard of her, short of anyone ever in an Ingmar Bergman film I’m not too familiar with Swedish actors, but she was fantastic. Everyone should read these books. And then see the movie.

Nebulas. Nebulas are basically dust floating in space, which is pretty much exactly what they look like. Okay, well they’re dust, hydrogen gas, helium gas, and plasma. Basically its this; they’re beautiful. The photo above was taken by the Hubble  Telescope. It’s called the Pillars of Creation, is in the Eagle Nebula, and is probably one of the more iconic photos of space. It’s one of my favorites. Technically it’s three different photos sort of… jumbled together but it’s generally seen the way it is here. But, that, of course, doesn’t mean that nebulas don’t come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Also, colors, depending on how much hydrogen gas, or helium gas, or… you get the point, is present. I’m not going to sit here and pretend that I’m some sort of expert on nebulas. I’m not. I do however think they’re pretty. Plus, it’s really fun to say; nebula.


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4 Responses to Things That Make Me Happy (Part Two)

  1. kryptonitekatt says:

    I also love nebulas (or nebulae, but that just sounds weird). Thank you for reminding me…I haven’t visited the Hubble site in a while.

  2. ladylinzi says:

    I am aware it’s nebulae, really. I just prefer saying nebulas. It rolls of the tongue. Like Preakness or Raxicoricofallapatorius.

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