Things That Make Me Happy (Part One)

This probably doesn’t need explanation. Just, these are some beautiful things. Things which, well… make me happy.

The Cleveland Natural History Museum. Most people know that I am a bit of a fan of dinosaurs. I am not going to make any sort of effort in which to explain this; but it isn’t very surprising, knowing this, that I’m a fan of the Natural History Museum. And it’s not just the dinosaur exhibit that I like, I pretty much like everything. The tiny dioramas of Native American settlements, the video of the bald eagle hatching, the stuffed animals, gems, Lucy, Space exhibits, Planetarium, observatory… I could probably go on but that might get tedious. Anyway, this was a photo I took the recently with my phone.

This amazing house. I went to Chicago recently, and while my sister was working on Monday I decided to wander a bit. I like wandering, this is why no one ever has to worry about me being bored. I took the El towards downtown and got off the brown line at Chicago. I can’t remember what street I was on but my sister surmised it was Franklin (… I think). Anyway it doesn’t matter all that much. On that street was this incredibly amazing, sort of creepy locking out. It was completely out of place stuck between two modern looking buildings. The gnarled tree makes it even better. It made me very very happy to know that this house existed.

The beluga whales at Shedd Aquarium. I went here in November and feel in love with the beluga whales. They’re just… very cute. I am not sure there is anything else to say about this.

The view from Museum Campus. I really sort of adore places that have little collected places for museums. Like Berlin’s Museumsinsel. But Museum Campus in Chicago juts out into Lake Michigan so really, besides it’s museums, it’s best asset is the fact that it has a really cracking view of the city. I took picture for so long my sister was truly annoyed.

The Aurora Borealis. I mean, I would settle for the Aurora australis, but in my head it has always been the aurora borealis that I have wanted to see. I found this desire growing a couple weeks ago as I researched the best places to view the Northern Lights and actually looked up costs to travel to the Yukon for it. I used to want to go to Finnish Lapland, but I think that Canada will probably do. I don’t think it’s in the cards quite now but eventually, mark my words.

Lake Erie, frozen. I think that there is a bit of desolateness to winter which you can’t find in anything else. The leaves fall off the trees, wildlife retreats, even people tend to stay indoors. It’s really not the perfect time to go to the beach, but I realized that I had never seen the beach in the winter. So, I drove out to Mentor Headlands. This is what I saw.

The lighthouse in Fairport Harbor. I don’t know if this lighthouse is used anymore, but I sort of doubt it is. It looks a bit old and a bit museumy. But, over the summer I caught sight of this lighthouse and so I decided to go look for it. Well, here it is and I still love it.

This factory near the end of MLK Blvd. I’m not entirely sure what it is that this factory produces but I love it anyway. I am not entirely sure why I like factories but I really do. I love driving around down by the steel mills and the piles of iron ore or salt near the Cuyahoga or beach. Anyway, I caught this particular factory on a good day with lots of puffs of smoke and good lighting.

Cleveland Bridges. We have a lot of bridges in Cleveland, I mean… there are places with more; Venice and Pittsburgh come to mind, but suffice it to say there are a lot. A lot of them aren’t particularly working anymore but their monolithic black hulls pepper the Cleveland skyline in a way that I can’t help but love.

Jungfrau. Rick Steves was bike riding in the Alps a few weeks ago. Okay, well it was probably years ago but I saw the episode a couple weeks ago. I have never in my life wanted to bike ride in the Alps, but it was so beautiful I couldn’t quite feel like it would make me very happy to do so. Jungfrau is in Switzerland and is one of the main peaks of the Bernese Alps.

Lapporten Mountain Pass. In Swedish Lappland, I don’t really know much about the Lapporten Mountain Pass, but in this photograph it looks so beautifully imposing that I couldn’t help but add it to this list. There are other photos I found ( that looks much less large and foreboding, but this is the one that I love.

Ljubljana, Slovenia. I just finished reading a book that takes place in Slovenia, Ljubljana in particular. I don’t really know anything about Slovenia except for that fact that it was a part of the former Yugoslavia and… actually no, that’s all I know. And it’s a little funny because the fact that no one knows anything about Slovenia was sort of a large part of the book in question (Veronika Decides to Die). But, of course, being the obsessive Googler that I am, I had to look it up. And I think that Ljubljana is beautiful. And I sort of love the name Ljubljana.

Well, c’est rien, for now at least. I am sure that there will be more installments… hence the Part One bit. In the meantime look out for the things that make you happy.


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2 Responses to Things That Make Me Happy (Part One)

  1. Bridget says:

    Seagull Factory makes me really happy too.

  2. Marko says:

    I think you would love Ljubljana (and the rest of Slovenia) if you visited it in person.
    I suggest you take a closer look through my Travel Photo Blog until you save enough money to buy a plane ticket.

    Until then… keep blogging! 😉

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