Soundtrack to a Year (2009)

Good bye 2009, and good riddance. There were things I’d keep, important things, whole months of being just completely happy, but overall you were the pits. I had to come to the hard realization that I wasn’t going to Europe any time soon. I got the crappiest job I really could imagine and can’t find anything else. Everything stagnated. Fun I had in 2008 slowed until it was at more of a standstill than anything else. It was not good on a personal level. Oh, this doesn’t mean I walked around completely depressed all the time, it just means I’ve had better years. Still, I’m honestly and famously nostalgic.

This is the second year I have made a yearly soundtrack, but the first time I am sharing it with anyone. In any case, K will probably be interested. So here they are; the songs I listened to on repeat, the good, the bad, and the appalling.

1) Don’t Stop Believin’ – Glee Cast Version

I made myself pick only one Glee song, and this is it. I still think it’s the best rendition they’ve done, though I’ve loved all the songs, and figure the one that started it all is probably the best one to pick. The original version of this song has obviously had some sort of comeback recently too, which I am sure was rather a surprise to Journey.

2) A Little More Of You – Ashley Chambliss

This song was in the very beginning of Effy’s episode of the third series of Skins and I couldn’t quite help being impressed. On first viewing all I could think was ‘that was weird’, but after awhile I realized how much it suited the character herself. So much is portrayed with so little, and the whole beginning is about three minutes of no speaking but so much being said.

3) Forevermore – Katie Herzig

This song reminds me of being young. It’s like two people just having fun and leaving all the bad stuff for later, being childish, possibly immature, and just sort of happy. It’s kind of how I’d like my life to be.

4)  Wicked Blood – Sea Wolf

This song has the best music video ever, enough said.Well, plus it’s a really good song.

5) Trouble is a Friend – Lenka

Lenka is the kind of pop music that we need more off. Soft, sort of sweet, and catchy. This song was sort of a recent taste for me, but still firmly in 2009. I like this one because of the tune, but also because… well, trouble is everyone’s friend.

6) Sentimental Heart – She & Him

I love Zooey Deschanel, though I am not entirely why. She’s probably the reason I saw ‘(500) Days of Summer’ but Joseph Gordon-Levitt wasn’t exactly a drawback (seriously, he wore sweater vests through that ENTIRE movie). She made this album awhile ago, but it was slow for me getting into it. This song I picked because it reminds me of me. I think too much, analyze things to death, and they make me sadder than they should.

7)  No One Sleeps When I’m Awake – The Sounds

I loved The Sounds’ first album. Maybe it was where I was in my life, maybe it really was just that good, but I loved very song on it. The second album was meh. I still had high hopes for the third and this single didn’t disappoint. I really love this song because it’s just sort of fun and anthemy. The rest of the album… well, lets just say it hasn’t grabbed me.

8)  Zero – Yeah Yeah Yeahs

This song, this whole album really, reminds me of Whiskey Island. I went there one Saturday to explore once and took photos of the old abandoned Coast Guard station. It reminds me of spring days when the weather is just starting to click into place, doing creative things, and seeing things from new angles.

9)  New in Town – Little Boots

We have reached the dancey section of this playlist. This year was probably the year of dancey music for me. It seems like pop music is heading that way anyway. And let’s face it, I like some really crap music. Still, I am a firm believer that people like music because it makes them feel a certain way, and there’s nothing wrong with feeling energized and escapist. Little Boots, in general, is just that. Dancey, inconsequential fun that’s pretty much unapologetic. New in Town was the first one I loved. Plus, how cute is the name ‘Little Boots’?

10)  I Know UR Girlfriend Hates Me – Annie

I am loathe to put anything where the title is not spelled out properly on this playlist, but Annie should make an appearance and this was my recent favorite of this Norwegian. It doesn’t mean much, just that she’s good friends with some guy who’s girlfriend is jealous as hell, but it’s the fun beat, childish methods, and Lolita-esque album cover that gets this on the list.

11)  Bad Romance – Lady Gaga

This is probably one of the catchiest songs of the year, but that’s not why I love. I am not exactly sure what it is that makes me love Lady Gaga, though I am sure it’s not “because she’s a cute little blonde thing that sings pop music and also FREAKS EVERYONE OUT”. She’s a personality, and she’s talented whether you like her songs or not. At least she writes them. ‘Bad Romance’ makes sense to me, and I love the chorus.

12)  We Rule the World – Dragonette

Dragonette I just got to know this year, and mostly they remind me of driving towards Willoughby on spring days before my car went kablewy. This song is from their new album, which I honestly haven’t listened to much. But I love this song because it makes me want to write something about crap superheroes. Wow Girl and Canoe Guy need not apply, you’re already in.

13)  (Do You Wanna Date My) Avatar – The Guild featuring Felicia Day

This goes in because it’s hilarious. The perfect mid-nineties parody song and music video. Okay, so I don’t play WoW, nor would I ever, but that doesn’t mean I can’t love ‘The Guild’ and this hilarious song about online gaming. Well, maybe I can relate a little bit.

14)  Issues – The Saturdays

This song had to make it’s way into my list because it made me laugh so many times over the year. The line ‘can’t decide if I should slap you or kiss you’ seriously sounds like ’stab’. I’m half convinced it really is, and it’s just a little extreme.

15)  Party in the U.S.A. – Miley Cyrus

This is hands down probably the stupidest song of the year, unfortunately it ties ‘Bad Romance’ for second most catchy song of the year. The lyrics are inane, the beat has been heard before, and yet somehow whenever it comes on I can’t help singing out loud.

16)  Headfirst Slide Into Cooperstown On A Bad Bet – Fall Out Boy

Oh, Fall Out Boy, how stupid you are. How high school. How… well I will leave that. Somehow I loved at least half your last album. Strange things happen. And this song is catchy, and sort of musically interesting. And J hated me for putting on one of K’s mixes.

17)  Change – Taylor Swift

I don’t like country, really, but there are some artists that you hear about so much that you eventually have to check them out. Taylor Swift is adorable, that’s really all there is to say about that. Her songs bridge between country and pop pretty damned well and most of her songs aren’t just completely stupid. This song is pretty inspiring, actually.

18)  Blow Away – A Fine Frenzy

I like A Fine Frenzy so when this new single appeared on iTunes I had to give it a listen. It didn’t seem like them, but I gave it a chance anyway. Several months later I couldn’t stop listening to it. It was one of those random things where I left it be for awhile before discovering it on the lonely drive to work (which is honestly ten minutes away but lonely because everyone else is sleeping). I like the beat, but it’s the lyrics I love.

19)  Who’d Have Known – Lily Allen

You either love her or hate her. Probably because she comes across as the most annoy individual on the planet with an IQ in direct co-ordinance with a common tree frog. However, I do generally like her music. And I listened to the album a lot. There were a few that might’ve made the cut but this is the one that I chose because it reminds me of me, and because it’s about the most mundane things in the world. Watching television and drinking wine, staying up late talking and planning out the specifics of the next day. That’s life.

20)  Science vs. Romance – Rilo Kiley

This is an old song that I used to love and if I had mad yearly soundtracks in the past this might’ve been on one of them. However, it got a resurgence this year. Why? Well I don’t know really, does it have to do with anything? Probably not, however… it’s a really good song. And the lyrics are how I feel probably about 70% of the time.

21)  The Calculation – Regina Spektor

This song is fairly peppy, which isn’t exactly par for course with Regina Spektor. If she even has a par for course that is, cause it’s debatable. But I like peppy sometimes and this one does it for me. Besides, I like the lyrics. I like the bit about making computers out of macaroni pieces and hitting stone hearts against the counter top until they start beating. In all it’s absurdity it feels… true.

22)  Remains – Maurissa Tanchareon & Jed Whedon

This song has to make it in for several reasons. First and foremost, it’s a good song; well written and melodic. Second, though, is because it was written for and featured heavily in one of the best forty-five minutes of television I have ever seen. Say what you like about Dollhouse, but ‘Epitaph One’ was amazing. It was exhilarating, heartbreaking, and confusing as hell, just how good television should be.

23)  Happiness – Goldfrapp

I liked this song before it was in that Syfy Channel commercial. But I love that commercial. It’s so magical and lovely and cheesy as all hell. And this song sounds like it’s an homage to the Beatles. It sounds like a song you could lay in the grass, staring at the sky, smile, and be happy to. It pretty much sounds like happiness.

24)  Cacophony – Tilly & the Wall

Well, cacophony is one of my favorite words, along with epiphany, euphoria, epitome, and serendipity. I like Es, clearly. But really, I love Tilly & the Wall (they have a tap dancer instead of drummer, how cool is that??) and there were probably a few songs I could have picked, but I didn’t, I picked this one.

25)  I Like It – Lacuna Coil

I will never be able to think of Lacuna Coil without thinking of my friend Laura who I have completely lost touch with since I am a shitty friend who is terrible at keeping in touch with people. But when this song came out it reminded me a lot of how I was feeling. It also reminds me of driving by Squire’s Castle.

26)  Alone – Heart

This song gets it’s honor because it’s pretty much the only song on the loudspeaker at work that I like. I have to wait a long time between rotations, days really, but it always comes back again and I end up singing under my breath and using stock I am stocking as makeshift microphones. It doesn’t hurt that they used it in Glee too.

27)  Ticket Away from Prague – HotChaCha

This is my favorite song on HotChaCha’s full album, and I love HotChaCha. I am not sure there’s anything else to say about that.

28) Bourgeois Shangri-La – Miss Li

This is another one from a advertisement, though to be honest I heard it first when I downloaded Miss Li’s latest album. What can I say, I have a weakness for Swedish singers, and when their music is delightfully substantial then I’m extra happy. I would use this song on a television pilot about a career woman who randomly wakes up in the suburbs. It could work.

29)  Good Ol’ Fashion Nightmare – Matt & Kim

I think I heard this song the first time on a commercial for that show Community. Well, that’s probably not true but that’s when I first paid attention. There are others on this album I could have said but I listened to this one far too many times. It’s the little beatboxness, and little chorus.

30)  Falling in Love in a Coffee Shop – Landon Pigg

Yes, this is in a phone advertisement. I don’t even remember what brand. But besides that it makes me think of Sunday mornings, used book shops, tea in paper cups with cream and sugar, fingerless gloves, and holding hands on the street.

31)  White Winter Hymnal – Fleet Foxes

This song is everywhere. I clicked on a link Dianna Agron posted on Twitter only to find this music video, my friend was searching for music on my iPod and came across her ‘favorite song of right now’. But, mostly because I could have listened to this on repeat. Actually, I did listen to this on repeat, loudly and with headphones while thinking of things.

32)  All Tomorrow’s Parties – The Velvet Underground & Nico

There have been a million times in my life when I have listened to a song dozens of times and still not absorbed it. For some reason, this year I really liked All Tomorrow’s Parties. Perhaps it was my frame of mind, perhaps it’s because Nico’s voice enthralls me in it’s inelegance, or perhaps it was the awful lot of lying on my back and staring at the ceiling I did. The world will never know.

33) Love Letter to Japan – The Bird and the Bee

This is the catchiest song on the planet. I used to wake up singing this song. I’d sing it in the shower, I’d walk around humming this tune. There were probably solid weeks where my brain processed nothing but this song. And then I inexplicably forgot it existed. Now that I’ve refound it… it’s stuck in m head again. Good thing I think it’s a genuinely good pop song.


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  1. kittenkaboom says:

    hahaha we have like half of the same songs on our soundtracks. mine will be up tonight. 🙂

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