Just the beginning…

Blogging is the way of the future. Or the past. Or the stagnant present.

Pick one, circle and send via post; either way I can’t help noticing a sort of resurgence in the activity both among my friends and the general media. So, the bandwagon rolled by and I thumbed a ride. It’s not like I haven’t posted things on the internet before and it’s not like I expect anyone to read them. The short and long of the matter is that no one is going to read this, and that’s fine. I am not writing this for you, I am writing it for me.

Yesterday I sat in a movie theatre in Leominster, Massachusetts and watched Julie & Julia. Why? It wasn’t the foremost film on my ‘to watch’ list (which does, in fact, exist), but I knew it was going to be cute and inconsequential and quite frankly I had not gotten enough sleep the night before and was chalking up this theatre going experience to a rather expensive nap. However, I came away with something I hadn’t quite expected; inspiration.

I went to The Ohio State University for eight years. Count them, eight years. Okay, maybe some of those quarters were spent hovering over cash registers rather than books, but splayed out in front of me eight years is a daunting amount of time. Eight years of school books, eight years of bus rides to and from campus, eight years of that one warm day in February where all the girls don bikini’s and the guys start up games of football on the Oval. Eight years of, shudder, Michigan games. Most importantly, thought, eight years of studying English literature and creative writing.

It was easy then, workshops force creativity and even if it’s not your best it’s something. Something that people will read and critiqued and undoubtedly make better (after your soul is thoroughly crushed, of course). Now, it’s not so easy. Now it’s all starting to seem like (egads!) work. I needed inspiration, and fast, and like most inspiration it crept up and poked me from a completely random source. So, thank you Julie Powell for liking to cook, and to write, and for making your way through the most daunting cookbook I have ever seen to complete a goal and change your life.

I will not be cooking. I will not be promising anything. But I will write, and if anyone wants to read it… well, it’s a free internet.


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